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Recent content by Mr Morrow

  1. Mr Morrow

    Narcoossee’s - September 2018

    That seems strange, I have a reservation for Narcoosee's in September
  2. Mr Morrow

    Flying Fast on Dumbo

    Or maybe it’s because you’re in a rocket ship :confused:
  3. Mr Morrow

    Flying Fast on Dumbo

    Give this man a Dole Whip! :eek:
  4. Mr Morrow

    Your favorite relaxing spots.

    On Ellen's Energy Adventure!
  5. Mr Morrow

    What is the worst park?!

    I like them all, sorry ;)
  6. Mr Morrow

    Attraction Pleasant Surprises

    I never bothered catching the Wildlife Express Train to the Affection Section at AK. I did however, decide to go ahead and try it and I actually really enjoyed petting a goat that day :)
  7. Mr Morrow

    Can someone check my plan?

    Sounds amazing! :) Make sure you hang around to watch the MK fireworks from Narcoose's! Have a blast!
  8. Mr Morrow

    Downtown Disney Dinner Choice

    Never been to either restaurant in Downtown Disney, could I have your opinions please....
  9. Mr Morrow

    What countries would you add to EPCOT?

    Greece :)
  10. Mr Morrow

    Narcoosees or California Grill?

    Oh go on!.. try something new! They are both great restaurants but seems as though the later reservation will be better if you want to enjoy the fireworks :rolleyes:
  11. Mr Morrow

    Souvenir Suggestions

    How about some edible souvenirs? I always try to bring home some of the amazing cookies or cupcakes from Disney. After all, Disney do offer some pretty good snacks! :)
  12. Mr Morrow

    Romantic Surprise 13th Anniversary Pre-Trip Report

    @mweier I love your ideas so far! Congratulations on the 13th Anniversary! You have done the best thing in booking as soon as possible, but would love to see that last trip report to see what you got up to last time! Something tells me that the Hollywood Tower Hotel needs to be prominent in the...
  13. Mr Morrow

    What would you change

    On the dinning plan, I would add the ability to choose between having either an appetizer or a dessert. At the moment, the meal plan includes an entrée and a dessert but I'm often left disappointed that I couldn't try any of the appealing starters and sometimes none of the desserts take my...
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