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    Adrian at Columbia Harbour House & Capt. Jack Sparrow

    Just got home yesterday from my trip. Adrian at Harbour House was wonderful with us. He went out of his way to make our trip as great as it was. Also, Capt. Jack Sparrow's good friend at Pirate Tutorial (10:15am, Tuesday, June 15) is amazing. It was my second time seeing this person. He was...
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    I finally have my own "bus driver said" story!

    I am surprised no one else caught him with the Batman bit. I probably would've said something. lol
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    Crowds @ IOA

    Was just there this weekend. Crowds were not bad at all. We took the advice from here and went the other way while everyone went straight to WWoHP. It was great how empty everything was! Just look: Forbidden Journey was...
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    Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party ?

    I am going as a pirate on Oct. 1st. Last time I went, I went as a pirate as well, and had so much fun.
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    Radio Disney to rock Westland Mall for back to school....

    Which is now Westfield. We still call it Westland though. Haha. ;)
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    Tower Of Terror: The Movie question

    It may have been sort of on the cheesy side, but I liked it. I was also a fan of "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"
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    You have to see who I saw at Pixar Place!

    Haha! That is so awesome. It almost seems as if Disney placed him there.
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    Phineas + Ferb Haunted Mansion References

    I love it. I always love it when Disney references rides in TV shows and movies.
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    Universal Character Picture of the Day Thread!!

    <img src=""> Funny story about this picture... I am with my fiance on the right. Our best friend is the one on the left. Donkey was bothering our friend about being the third wheel. He says to him, "We'll go on The...
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    WDW Character Pic of the Day

    This is my favorite Capt. Jack.
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    2008 MNSSHP Roll Call!

    I'll be there October 24.
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    Engagement Photos

    For that, I'd rather have someone I know that can take good pictures do it for us for free. :P It's a nice idea though. If I could, I would have my engagement session at the MK.
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    Tropical Storm Faye...

    I'm driving up from Miami tomorrow and will be arriving in the afternoon. Do you think I'll be fine driving up? Will the MK be okay on Saturday? (Hopefully, small crowds.)
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    XXIX Olympiad: Beijing 2008

    My fiance was saying that the whole show was very Epcot-ish. The globe just reminded him more of it.
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