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    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disneyland opening reports/reviews

    You are on a mission to collect things for Hondo and you score credits when things are done correctly (flying, pushing buttons, attaching the MF to a train), at the end, Hondo tallies up the amount your team earned. Then he deducts credits for damages. Our scores were around 11,000 until the...
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    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disneyland opening reports/reviews

    It seemed the same on our three exits, but then our scores were similar on each run.
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    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disneyland opening reports/reviews

    I previewed yesterday with the first group. The land theming is immersive and pretty impressive. Rode Smugglers Run 3 times and tried out each of the roles. I enjoyed the pilot role the most and this is coming from a non-gamer. The other roles were too passive and yes, the seats and people in...
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    Dole Whip Update

    Totally agree! The vanilla adds so much to the flavor.
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    Trip Report The “lets count the ways Land is greater than World” as seen through the eyes of the #noobsfromgeorgia.

    I appreciate Disney's ability to screw up the name of their own theme park - check out the tabs. Disney California Advneture.
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    The Downtown Disney Thread

    Anyone interested (this is for wdwmagic readers. Bloggers, vloggers and mice chat - Do not steal my words) in the backstory, here it is: The GCH used to run a tour bus industry that thrived in the early 1900s. As people began to own their own vehicles, the buses waned in popularity and the area...
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    The Downtown Disney Thread
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    Coronado Springs Update?

    I have a November trip planned. Anyone know what rooms still need to be refurbed?
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    Maui look-alike from Disney's 'Moana' admits to swindling fans

    And now he's off to jail for a non Disney related offense. But he's sorry.
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    Could this new idea come to the Disneyland Resort? - Smart Phone Users

    Found this photo on another thread - it's longer than 3 adults standing side by side:
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    A Word with Friends...

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    Ridiculous or just plain weird in-queue stories, I wanna hear 'em.

    This kid was sleeping in the queue while a family member (grandma?) was standing nearby watching. The rest of the family passed on by and kept advancing in line.
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