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  1. menamechris

    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Yep - it is. Now just a bunch of guests who were given 'return tickets' to get through - so it still may be sluggish for awhile.
  2. menamechris

    AP - Comcast challenging Disney's hold on tourism trade

    This is news, folks. Like it or not. I think it will be a topic of discussion for the foreseeable future - and it will continue to be relevant until either Universal backs off aggressively investing in their parks - or Disney starts addressing their blatant issues in a very real way. Expect...
  3. menamechris

    FL Resident Passholders, what do you think of the AP Prices?

    I have taken a break after being a Disney passholder for years. The prices just keep climbing and the perks chiseled away. I have switched to a Universal annual pass for this year. I live in downtown Orlando, so it's a quicker trip, the perks and discounts are far more significant, and the pass...
  4. menamechris

    Is the clock ticking on the Sorcerer Mickey Hat icon at the Studios? YES!

    The removal of the BAH has been a rumor since 2009 (the start of this thread). That's over 4 years. I can't help but think it is here to stay. And to be honest -imo- WDW has bigger fish to fry at this point. Right now the hat is just an eyesore - The fact DHS is 25 years old and still a...
  5. menamechris

    Spirited News, Observations & Thoughts IV

    If today's Miceage update is accurate - I read it as no new announcements for WDW in the foreseeable future. Only for CA and Tokyo. Nice. Real nice. Thank God Universal is on the ball and do enough expansion and projects for both resorts. I don't see myself renewing my Disney AP in the next 10...
  6. menamechris

    Spirited News, Observations & Thoughts IV

    Considering how Disney likes to space out major announcements, I'm guessing Disney just bought themselves a good 6-9 more months before announcing anything coming to WDW. I am absolutely blown away at how indifferent and passive the company is with WDW. Any excuse not to improve their parks...
  7. menamechris

    Seven Dwarves Mine Train the longest Disney attraction ever created and constructed.

    This is so true, and I was thinking the same thing. Of course, Disney has no plans for opening anything in 2014 or 2015 (and possibly even 2016) beyond the mine train.... so probably not even worth them looking into how they can be more efficient with construction - or even restructuring...
  8. menamechris


    Honestly - I would carve out at least 3 days for Universal. I hadn't been to Universal in a few years when I renewed my annual pass last year. And I spent a day just trying to catch up on the attractions that were new since I had been there last. And with the second Harry Potter phase opening...
  9. menamechris

    Disney to expand cancellation fees to all table service restaurants at Walt Disney World

    You seem to have A LOT of unreasonable defense for Disney. Excited new cast member? George's husband? Mommy blogger? Just askin'. These are the only reasons why I can imagine you so passionate and "facts" obsessed about something like this. It's an incredible amount of energy on your part. You...
  10. menamechris

    News and observations from the past month

    We think alike. As a local, I have let my Disney annual pass expire and got a Universal pass instead for the first time in over 8 years. Today, you are hardpressed to find someone locally with a Disney annual pass. However, you are now hardpressed to find a local WITHOUT a Universal annual...
  11. menamechris

    Disney to expand cancellation fees to all table service restaurants at Walt Disney World

    I am not sure how to respond to this. It's the same argument I commented on, just stated differently. However, I think you are misguided on a couple things - there have been several people on these boards who have NOT been waived fees due to a conflict or emergency. Apparently, Disney is...
  12. menamechris

    Disney to expand cancellation fees to all table service restaurants at Walt Disney World

    So that makes it right? I dare say AT&T gets away with this due to lack of alternatives - or the alternatives have the same policies. If Universal makes vacationing on their property less of a hassle for a family of 5 - with more flexibility, great options, and an environment that makes the...
  13. menamechris

    Disney to expand cancellation fees to all table service restaurants at Walt Disney World

    It was also the philosophy of instituting irrational and illogical fees and consequences, lack of response or indifference to customer feedback, and blatantly treating customers like profit generators by nickeling and diming them that was the ultimate crash of such companies as Blockbuster and...
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