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  1. meeko_33785

    To all WDWMAGIC Forum Members

    Hi everyone. As some of you may know, I have been an active member here at the forum at wdwmagic.com for more about a year and a half now. In that time, I have had the chance to talk to many of you through both posts, projects, and debates here on the various message boards on this site and...
  2. meeko_33785

    Princess Aurora- Smiling or not?

    Her gown looked great in person. I think the pink one actually looks better than the blue one.
  3. meeko_33785

    Princess Aurora- Smiling or not?

    Well, I think the curse is finally broken. Saw Aurora at MK last month and finally got a decent-looking photo of her. Sure she's got a wet floor cone behind her, but she still looks great. :D Princess Aurora- Take 3
  4. meeko_33785


    I don't miss it at all. IMO it just looked very out of place and a little too "carny" for the European storybook festival theme of Fantasyland and the world of the future theme of Tomorrowland. I think both lands look much better now that they're gone. It would be nice to have the stations...
  5. meeko_33785

    What do you think of Spaceship Earth?

    It's a good, quality ride, but personaly doesn't float my boat. I usually go on it about every 3 years or so. I seem to go on El Rio Del Tiempo more than this one.
  6. meeko_33785

    The Best Replacement Attraction

    My oppinions: 1) Dreamflight to Buzz Lightyear- The most improvement from a rehab IMO. Dreamflight was a nice but terribly forgetable attraction that seemed rediculously out of place in Tomorrowland (what does an airline commercial have to do with either the future, sci-fi, or progress?)...
  7. meeko_33785

    Wallpaper Contest #25! Cinderella Castle!!!

    Here's my try at it.
  8. meeko_33785

    Which Character would you like to meet?

    I know there is little to no chance of finding these characters, but I would love to have a chance to meet them if it was possible. 1. Jaq and Gus (Cinderella) 2. Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) 3. Kuzko (Emperer's New Groove) 4. Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet) 5. Dodger (Oliver and Company
  9. meeko_33785

    Characters on Parade Question

    Are you talking about the Disney Characters on Holiday bus at EPCOT? If so, yes they do play "Catchy Rhythm", not "All Around the World". To my knowledge, the don't play "All Around the World" anywhere at WDW.
  10. meeko_33785

    Favorite WDW Character Poll

    One last update before voting closes Monday at midnight: 1. Mickey Mouse (47 votes) 2. Goofy (21 votes) 3. Belle, Buzz Lightyear, and Stitch (15 votes each) 4. Donald Duck (12 votes) 5. Tigger (10 votes) 6. Minnie Mouse and Pooh (8 votes each) 7. Chip & Dale, Cinderella, Peter Pan (6...
  11. meeko_33785

    Character Dining at my proposed 6th Disney theme park (upon opening)

    Yes, 7 is HIGHLY unlikely, but possible. He probably ment that they could physically have 7 characters in there, but usually, they won't staff more than 5 or so. Plus, IMO, it's usually better to spread out the characters so there arn't so many in one place.
  12. meeko_33785

    Character Dining at my proposed 6th Disney theme park (upon opening)

    CRT is usually 5 or 6 characters (4 Princesses, a Prince (or another Princess if a Prince cannot make it), and the Fairy Godmother in the lobby). They can have up to 7 though, but only if they put in a random character. The random character will usually be put in the lobby with the FGM insteed...
  13. meeko_33785

    Character Dining at my proposed 6th Disney theme park (upon opening)

    Looks good. I would tone down Lumiere's though. 8 characters is alot to one meal. 5 or 6 would be more like it.
  14. meeko_33785

    Favorite WDW Character Poll

    Yes. It's more towards your favorite character personality-wise though, not appearence-wise. Just to clarify. :D
  15. meeko_33785

    What's happening?

    I hope the spirit of the parks hasn't changed because of the whole Roy/ Eisner battle. Possibly the whole strain of it has put on the CMs is really wearing them all down. I hope that's not the case though. :( When was your aunt's last visit?
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