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  • Thanks :) I did have a great Halloween and Thanksgiving :) I also had a great Christmas and New Year's and I am going to have a great Birthday :)

    O and I love the Dallas Cowboys and it looks like you know that :)
    hope you had a great Thanksgiving.....sorry its taken me so long was away for a little while and busy with work. Wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving... In October! LOL

    Thanks, hope yours is as great as ours was.
    It's Halloween-lo-ween ev'ry body
    Let out a scream, hooray it's Halloween!
    Hi!! Good to hear from you!! Yeah I haven't been on the site that much. I work 2 jobs & with my trip continuing to be postponed it is getting harder to come to the site and not be sad. I've been trying to go back for almost 2 years now & things just haven't worked out. I lost my window of opportunity last January, but I had to have surgery because I was sick so now getting back to Disney is looking harder & harder. I do check in but I'm not online as much right now. I hope all is well with you! Take Care & Happy Halloween to you too!!
    Thank you! It was a great time, and yes, Grandma had a wonderful time as well, even with me picking on her :)
    Hope your trip was wonderful! I got in last night around 11:00pm. So sad to be back at work today :(. Our trip was wonderful as always. Labor day was def packed, but luckily, the crowds died down after that and we only had, at the most, a 30 min wait for stuff (even toy story mania!)
    Hey, no prob. I hope you and your kids enjoyed your trip. It would have been strange if you found me at Magic Kingdom since I'm at home on Long Island (though I'm at MK in spirit every day). I did you say hi to Peter for me?
    The dining plan is all set up and ready to go! Hope you have a wonderful trip w/ lots of memories! (great pics too!--I love seeing families having such a wonderful time together!!!!!)
    Great album! You have some really nice family shots! I'm glad I was able to inspire you some to create an album too! :sohappy:
    Thanks! I'm trying to decide if I like it for sure or not...I was trying to find a picture for the background first & then match the colors up with it. So far from my album this one seems to fit the best, so Animal Kingdom is obviously green! I'm sure I will keep messing around with it, but I never have enough time.
    It really wasn't too hard, like I said in my previous post the hardest thing was picking which ones to put in the album!! :p If you have a lot of photos you may come across the same dilemma too!! Have fun putting it together!
    Thanks....I didn't really do a whole lot to it. Just picked one of my favorite pics and threw some colors together. I could and need to do some work to it, but I have other higher priorities.
    Thank you, it was fun!! I had a hard time picking which ones to post since I took over 400 photos!! :lol: That was my first trip back to The World since I was a kid, so I was taking it all in! Good Luck putting your album together too!
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