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  • thats awesome.....about two extra days....we did that last year...when we went to the beach as well..
    Well I appreciate that you take the time to capture the magic and share it!! Have u purchased from the photo pass card that the CM give you. We have purchased a few from last trips but have never been able to get enough to purchase a CD.

    We purchased from SSR in 2006. When we purchased we did so at very low points, like 150. Needless to say we ended up purchasing more. The only reason we were able to do that is when we bounght in we turned around & Refi'd our house and paid the first DVC purchase then went back and purchased more, since they were running a promo @ SSR, since they were starting to sell for AK. so now we have total 320.

    I guess the 3 load is to make sure you do not go over 100 in an album.

    I know the $$$ thing is still a concern for me even w/ having our resort already taken care of. Still need to get there, eat and of course I can not leave there without going to DD and shopping.
    The yearly payments and all it would be expensive then.
    What Villa did you buy into? They are so nice....
    By the way I am not sure if there is a easier way to load the photos into an album on here, I have done 3 at a time myself and it does take some time to do it. Depends on your server though I suppose.
    Thanksgiving at Disney sounds nice, I'd like to go in 2010 in February but we will see, we have park hoppers left from our last trip still. We will see I doubt it this time we really need to save $$$ and get a place renting is the pits. Take care speak with you soon k. :)
    Hi & Thx so much about the comments on my pics, I try very hard to grasp what it feels like to be there. I bought 2 photos albums 200 pics in each that I have to fill plus I got the Tink Scrap book too this time around. Today actually I have been ordering pictures to pic up on Friday..so far I have 75, I am trying to cut down as much as I can and it's so hard for real.
    We usually go to Disney 2 times a year but I think this year 09 we can only do our last trip. This trip was for our 1st Wedding Anniversary. We really need to save to buy a home. We went to visit the Villas and I think for us we need to wait on that until we have our own home.
    ok ladies, I am starting to get a few photos loaded. Everythign is on CD's so I have to go through them, but had to start sharing. ;). Also do you know of an easier way?:shrug: loading 3 at a time seems to take so long.
    Hi yes we ate there, and to be honest it wasn't worth it really, the food was good don't get me wrong but we made a big mistake of ordering drinks (we hardly ever drink) but there were fun drinks and the bill in the end came to $100.00 for lunch. Unreal to me. We ate at this great restaurant in the Swan Hotel IL Millano and it was cheaper there for dinner. I will have more pictures from TRex to post. It was nice to see the stuff in there, but you have to have a meal in order to see inside. It's much like the Rainforest Cafe' and Yak & Yeti (same people made this one) Rainforest I believe does take Disney Dining, I am unsure if TRex does though. You will have to check on that. Take care speak with you soon ok. :)
    It was awsome to get in the pavilion, not really sure if you are allowed but I didn't care....We snuck in I had to. My DH asked me to marry him again in front of there. It was so great! I have other pictures from there I will post.
    Hi there, glad you like the pics. Please feel free to add me. I will be adding more pics soon, I had taken 900 pictures 2 weeks ago when I was there, still need to add more. Welcome to the boards. :) Email me anytime ok.
    I am never able to catch the Disney specials on any of the channels- I don't get the TV much anymore between my husband and my 3 year old- How do you get wind of them airing? Well if you move into the castle can you please invite me over !! I would love to see WDW all done up for the holidays- unfortunatley my husband being in the heating business is not able to take a vacation after Oct.-- Will you be able to see the Osborne Family Light show? I saw a video clip on the computer - OH MY GOSH - how awesome!
    whats one more day?? for a great experience!
    What is your family's fav's to do @WDW?
    Over the weekend the travel channel had the segment on behind the scene's my 19y/o & her BF, just gave me the eye roll when i turned it on and I smiled a big "oh I LOVE DISNEY" sigh. Oh I would love to live in FL. my DH talk about it all the time. My 9y/o has in her mind that if we move to FL that we are moving into the castle. I have been searching the internet to find out what the parks will be like as far as w/ x-mas decorations when we arrive Nov. 21 & depart on the 28th. my only disappointment is MVMC is not on any of the days we will be there. I is happening the day b4 we get there and is the night of our day of departure. We talked this weekend of extending our stay by a day or 2, but my 9 y/o will have to miss more school. kind of just playing it by "mouse ears"..:)
    I am right there with you - Disney in itself, what it represents in each of our hearts, is why I think I am a "Disney Nut" and hooked for life. I too am always reading about new Disney info and is probably one of my most loved interests. My first biography I read when I was younger was Walt Disney himself and I love to watch documentary's on his life and Disney World. I too love these boards because they satisfy my ever burning Disney craving somewhat. I only wish I lived closer to the parks- but I do not wish to live in FL. Well you have met a new friend that not only understands your love for Disney but joins you as well!!!
    They are 19 & 9. Have you ever checked out the Mickey Mom's club? Every yr you submit why you think you would be good canadate for the panel. When it rolled out 2 yrs. ago. I submitted, did not make it. They did make me feel part of it though. I received a package of trinket stuff in the mail. My friends think I am too consumed with doing daily research and just reading on material to keep me update on changes and any events. That is why after all these yrs I decided to join the boards because I wanted to meet friends that really understand my love for Disney. Is not just going to the parks or staying at one of the Villa resorts, for me it is what Disney stands for. On one of our visits I purchased a picture that I have hanging in my office. The quote is from Walt and the spirit of Disney.
    Hi - see you just joined- welcome- saw your reply to "what you love about the MK"- I so agree - I brought my daughter for the first time last year - she was 2, and it was my first time arranging my WDW agenda for someone else besides myself - My husband and I walked around with a constant lump in our throat watching her experiances- and I think one of her fav restaurants is Chef Mickey's as well! How old are your children?
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