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    WDW Resorts booked 1/8-1/11?!

    The fiance and I have our planning session on January 8th. I have been looking for a rooms at WDW from 1/8-1/11 but all the values and almost all the moderates have no rooms! :eek: What in the world is going on?!
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    Received a PIN today...what to do what to do

    I got the same pin. We are gonna use it for our planning session the first full week of January. :)
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    The BEST feeling....

    Everytime we pass under the Walt Disney World arch, I am literally wiping tears. :cry:;)
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    Is the clock ticking on the Sorcerer Mickey Hat icon at the Studios? YES!

    Now that I think about it, they could remove the hat to create more space for the Star Wars expansion. However, think about the time it will take to remove the hat. HS could be shut down for several days.
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    How Do You Deal With Difficult Party Members?

    I feel ya! I am in a similar bind with my upcoming trip in December. My fiance and I like pretty much the same things (although he doesn't like the meet and greets as much as I do) but his mom and sister have never been. So, I am planning our whole trip from start to finish and I have made it a...
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    This is why I go to Disney

    So sweet. :) Only at Disney.
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    Christmas Trip!

    So many wonderful things to do! Thanks everyone!
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    Christmas Trip!

    So many great replies! Thank you all! :) I just got off the phone with Disney and I think we are going to book the AP package with dining and then buy the in-laws tickets separately. :) Gonna try to book a family suite at a value. Now, who wants to offer up some fun stuff for Christmas? We are...
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    Christmas Trip!

    Ok, I have a bit of a conundrum. We are planning a trip for a long weekend on December 11-17 and will be taking my future mother and sister-in-law for their first time. (I am also planning on attending the MVMCP for the first time!) My fiance and I just received our Annual Passes so we won't be...
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    If you could have your Disney wedding anywhere in a Disney park where would it be?

    The coach is $3500 plus you have to reserve it in advance and hope that it is available on your day. I got really, REALLY lucky!
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    Help Wanted

    Aw, there are so many jobs I would like to do! Jungle Cruise skipper, your guide, character performer, parade performer, imagineer. Sigh. :)
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    Show us your MNSSHP costumes!! (and MNSSHP Pics!)

    The fiancé and I were Eric and Ariel last year. :) this year, he wants to go to the other park for Halloween horror nights. :p we are planning to go as Wolverine and Rouge from X-men.
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    World Showcase Players different shows

    Oh my. was, I think, the second to last show if the day?
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    Mayhem at the Mansion app new for MNSSHP?

    Aw. :( I thought that it looked pretty cool. Something fun and interactive to add. Just not during the party, since that is already a separate ticket. :p
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