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  1. lilclerk

    News Epcot Forever to debut as interim show before full Reflections of Earth replacement

    So... anyone know if Rose & Crown will still have the viewing area set up if I have a dinner reservation those nights? Not the patio, but the little area off to the side that they'd bring you to.
  2. lilclerk

    How much does the music at Disney add to the experience for you?

    I love Christmas music, but I hate going to the parks in November/ December because so much of the background music is changed to christmas music instead of the regular loops.
  3. lilclerk

    Best cupcake at BOG

    I like the chocolate cream puff best 🤷‍♀️
  4. lilclerk

    News Park attendance showing significant softness heading into the Fall 2018

    Yes, we went at park closing and it said 45 minute wait, but we just had to walk through the queue and were in the next preshow.
  5. lilclerk

    It's 2018, and I am ready to go back to a flip phone...

    My boyfriend never made the jump to smartphones. He still uses a flip phone, and we don't have a house phone so it's his main communication tool. I mean, when he's home he goes on his computer to look at social media, FB messenger, whatever, but he doesn't feel the need for the constant access...
  6. lilclerk

    Are you a 'waver'?

    I love waving at people in the parks haha. I've waved at people sitting outside at the Contemporary while on the boat from Fort Wilderness to MK and gotten waves back, I've waved at the monorail conductor going overhead at Epcot and gotten a honk back, I wave while on the Peoplemover. I don't...
  7. lilclerk

    Music in EPCOT

    We just returned last Thursday and I don't recall hearing anything different in Epcot, and I'm usually pretty keyed into the background music (I hate visiting in November/December because they play so much Christmas music instead of the regular BGM.) Do you remember what area of the park he was...
  8. lilclerk

    Do people still use real cameras?

    I still bring a p&s just for the zoom.
  9. lilclerk

    Ohana reservation chances?

    It's definitely possible, especially if you're flexible on times. Keep checking even while you're there for last minute cancellations. Try the Touring Plans reservation finder. https://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/reservation-finder
  10. lilclerk

    Favorite in-park music?

    Mine have all been mentioned, but I LOVED the EEA music! I find myself singing it around the house all the time haha.
  11. lilclerk

    Hate for childless Disney fans

    I may steal this line.
  12. lilclerk

    Best Sandals? No Crocs or flipflops allowed.

    I've been wearing Teva Hurricanes in the parks for like.... 8 years? They're super comfy to me, but I don't have flat feet. I can't do flip flops or any sandals that don't strap on all day in the parks. My feet and calves end up super sore from my toes holding the shoes on all day.
  13. lilclerk

    Discount disney gift cards

    Ugh. Yeah I was just at my store the other day and they had tons of cards. Maybe they're just letting them sell out. :(
  14. lilclerk

    Discount disney gift cards

    You do have to be a BJs member, but they have an "online only" access membership for something like $10/year. You'll save more than that in gift card purchases easily. And my local Target still sells Disney cards, but the website hasn't shown which stores have them in a long time. You kinda...
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