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    Sorcerer Mickey Hat Gone?

    I'm not sure whether I'm looking in the right place but instead of the hat it has the earful tower
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    Who's your favorite 'debriefer/host' in WDW???

    I'd have to go with Wallace Langham as Dr Seeker on Dinosaur
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    Epic Mickey on Wii

    I got Epic Mickey for Christmas and I love it :D probably one of the best Disney games I've played in a while
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    I had my greatest MK experience ever!

    I've been on Test Track in the pouring rain just before they closed it because of the rain, a little painful but still I loved it. I'll have to try other rides in the rain next time.:)
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    Just got back last night, a couple observations.

    I was at WDW over April and I went on while the big carnotaurus was being worked on but we noticed the rest of the ride looked a lot better, there seemed to be more effects working.
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    Tower of Terror Question

    I've only had a few of those. The false ending sounds cool, maybe i'll get it next time i go.
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    Space Mountain/Tomorrowland Transit Authority update...

    wow, proof for fountain yay :D but i was wondering was i the only one to notice the postioning of the other concrete shape?? if they do another it would turn in to a mickey (possible hidden mickey from the ground) but i might b wrong. But would that other concrete shape b part of the...
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    The 'letter' game!

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    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted but they only ever show one and you bored quickly. I wish that I didnt have to wait in any que (including the fast pass que) for every ride at disney.
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    ABC's - Disney Style...

    Woozles (Winnie the Pooh)
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    The 'letter' game!

    Snow White
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    The 'letter' game!

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    The 'letter' game!

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