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  • yea, well I aguess I am trying to move on up! And Laila's Dad (boston terrier) is 18 lbs and her mom (french bulldog) is 22 lbs. She went to the vet today and she is a whopping 6.5 lbs- I thought she was bigger... opps! haha. When I got her she was 4.25 lbs... my little girl is growing up! :)

    And as for my back, still hurts, not good. I may end up going to the doctor by the end of the week if there is no progress. esshhhh.
    Yea I bet! I am doing pretty well. I got promoted at my job again, so I started another new position last week and I am LOVING IT! I hurt my back, so that sucks, but other than that everything is going great. My puppy, Laila is now about 7/8 pounds. Shes getting bigger!
    I am doing well! I got another promotion at work so I changed departments again, but I am loving it!!! Hope all your school planning is going well!! How are the lessons coming along!!??
    Thought I would change it up a bit and say hello on here!! Hope you have a great weekend!!! :)

    Ah OK...

    ...and I am not seeing Jesus. I am seeing a black and grey Blur. The Irony of this conversation is killing me. :lol:KIKIKIKIKIK
    Thats awesome to hear! I will keep it in prayer for you and keep me posted!
    Thats awesome! How did the interview go? I"m sorry I just now got your message! Where at!!????
    Thought I would say hello on here since I've been stalking around on facebook lately. :) Have a great weekend!
    Be sure to let me know the dates you are there in July! I'll be there the 12-19th, so maybe you could meet my sister and I for a ride or two as well! That would be awesome if we could actually pull it off and meet up!
    Oooh ok thanks!
    I just youtubed it and Dumbo looks purely awesome!
    Now I wish I could see it...too bad Disneyland is across the country for us:lol:
    Hi there.
    Just curious about your avatar...it looks cool!
    It looks like a AA glow-in-the-dark Dumbo or something.
    Where was the picture taken?
    Everything is going really well right now. I just and an awesome review at work and got a great raise, so that is always a plus! 31 days until vacation!!!!! ITS ALMOST HERE!!!!! Hows all with you?
    Epic is a wonderful way to put it! I'll be sure to send more pics of Vulcan as soon as they are posted!
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