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    ***SAVE FIGMENT***

    Honestly, any update is probably better than what they have there now.
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    The Red Button Option

    I was curious as to what makes SSE unique. He didn't say all rides had to be temperature controlled 24/7, just SSE. What about the others?
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    The Red Button Option

    Just curious, what would happen if SSE wasn't temperature controlled?
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    The Red Button Option

    Thank you for all your information and insight. It's unfortunate so many people attack you more than any other insider.
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    News Disney Springs Begins Phased Reopening on May 20

    I think the mask policy is more about making people feel safe rather than actually being safe. Too many policies are about feelings now a days...
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    News Disney Springs Begins Phased Reopening on May 20

    I respect Disney's decision, but it's not worth it to me to go if masks are required. I'll wait until they're just recommended.
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    News Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Honestly, I think it was as much about gauging a reaction as telling what they're actually planning to do. My bet is that masks are only recommended and they'll sell them everywhere but won't actually enforce them.
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    Upcoming trip survey

    I completely agree with half of that. I won't go if mandated to wear a mask. It would be very hot and sweaty and completely ruin the fun. Regarding the "medical security theater", I'm fine with that. If they have an instant test by then and want to test everyone or just check to see if they...
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    When will Disney finally build another resort in the United States if ever?

    Travel is becoming faster and cheaper each year and that trend will probably continue. Budget airlines and the point to point system, as opposed to hub and spokes, has made air travel easier. And once self driving cars become a reality, which is not far away, driving will become even easier than...
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    Disney Skyliner shutdown and evacuation - October 6 2019

    At least they had that nice forced air to comfort them for hours.
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    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.

    I have nothing negative to say, except I hope they paint the stainless steel support towers that hold up the cables. The stations look beautiful. The towers are an eyesore.
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    Smoking areas GONE starting may 1st Pinned so people can still see the announcement.

    This is the best news I've heard in a while, if they really enforce it. I love the hidden winding jungle path in AK between Africa and Asia and I hate that smokers have ruined it. Or more accurately, that Disney ruined it by making it a smoking area.
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    News Height requirements for Star Wars Galaxy's Edge rides and details on FastPass+

    It would probably be the same. Lines grown until they reach a wait time that people no longer find tolerable. Without FPs the standby line would move much faster with the 75% allocation from FP moved to standby, but the hourly capacity wouldn't change nor would what people find tolerable. To...
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    News Height requirements for Star Wars Galaxy's Edge rides and details on FastPass+

    I'll wait for the FPs. I bet the line will be crazy.
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    Rumor Higher Speed Rail from MCO to Disney World

    Is this all but certain? I always thought it was a long shot theory.
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