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  1. jerlev

    First Day For Booking BLT

    Guide told me BLT reservations start 3/1.
  2. jerlev

    What should we expect from a good Guide?

    Curious. We got developer points, but they do not how on dvcmember.com. Is that typical?? Maybe I should call MS and confirm... hmm??
  3. jerlev

    Gas supply in the Disney area

    Well, for those driving, in Atlanta, we get our gas via pipeline from Texas. We have lots of stations with no gas. You can still find it, but do not run to long and run out. Fill up at 1/2 or at least 1/4.... We drive down Tuesday afternoon. Hope we have no gas troubles.... :)
  4. jerlev

    BLT & Treeshouse DVC Announced

    I received the official announcement sent to DVC members. If anyone wants to see some of it, I posted it to FLICKR. DVC ships materials from Duluth, GA. You can gauge when you might see this from that... I'm 30 minutes from there, so I get stuff quickly!
  5. jerlev

    WDW Celebrations: World Wide Weekend

    Thanks Adam! I got online after I saw your message and got a ticket for me and Jen. We'll see you all there! Oh, and excited to see the DVC/Contemporary announcement! We're also going to check out the new models!! Yea!!
  6. jerlev

    BLT & Treeshouse DVC Announced

    Talked to my guide today and made a appointment to visit the model next Wednesday. Thinking about buying about 100 points... :shrug:
  7. jerlev

    WDW Celebrations: World Wide Weekend

    I was going to buy my tickets for the Halloween party, but I cannot get the link on Disney's site to work. It keeps saying that type of ticket is not available. Great... guess they have trouble. I'll have to try tomorrow...
  8. jerlev

    WDW Celebrations: World Wide Weekend

    Awesome news!! Looking forward to a great time!!!
  9. jerlev

    WDW Celebrations: World Wide Weekend

    13 Days and counting... I registered me and my wife for the tour. Sounds like a great tour! Looking forward to the trip. See you all real soon!! :wave: Details on the tour can be found HERE.
  10. jerlev

    New Contemporary Documents Filed with Orange County!!

    The Walt Disney World Company (aka Worldco) has begun filings with the Orange County Comptroller's office for the Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Villas. Among the documents recorded today are the Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions , and Exhibit A detailing...
  11. jerlev

    WDW Celebrations: World Wide Weekend

    Schedule Posted!! The Tentative Schedule has been posted on WDW Celebrations site... Be sure to check it out!!! http://www.wdwcelebrations.com/world-wide-weekend/world-wide-weekend-schedule.html Anyone doing either the tour or the Halloween party?!? We're doing both. :sohappy:
  12. jerlev

    WDW Celebrations: World Wide Weekend

    Email update was just sent out by WDW Celebrations... Sad news, indeed.
  13. jerlev

    WDW Celebrations: World Wide Weekend

    With WWW just a month (and 2 days) away, I was thinking it's really time to start a thread to discuss who's going and what we're planning to do that weekend! My wife and I will be attending. We ditching the kids this time so that we can go on the "add-on" behind the scenes tour. My parents...
  14. jerlev

    Question about Disney Florist

    You can see the catalog for the Disney World florist at the site below. I do not see any tree's on their site yet... http://www.disneyflorist.com/
  15. jerlev

    soda refills in all parks

    I suspect they are installing some refillable stations at Columbia House in the Magic Kingdom. This was on the permits thread 6/19. Install 3 drink towers at Columbia Harbor house Thread: http://forums.wdwmagic.com/showpost.php?p=2970246&postcount=71
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