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  • Indeed it is! Though I must admit my all time favorite scene in the movie is when they're signing up the villains to attack Rock Ridge. There were so many funny lines within that two minutes.
    Oooh, those are the old ones. :lol: Mr.EPCOT made a new collectable thread a few weeks ago and I put up a ton of new stuff in there, too.
    Guess we are paying "late reply tag"! :lol: Better today, had a bout with a "road rage" character the other night, had to call police and I stayed up all night watching the police drive by the house many times. Hope YOU are doing better! :lookaroun :wave:
    Just wanted to tell you that I love your avatar! I always want to take a picture of the sign but can't because I'm on the Magical Express bus. It is always nice to see.
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