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  1. heartodisney

    Haunted Mansion Secrets

    YES! That is it! Wonderful is it not!
  2. heartodisney

    Haunted Mansion Secrets

    I just went to his website and roamed around the sit, pulled up the Haunted Mansion, sat the family down around the big screen and we enjoyed a wonderful slow view of the HM! I am sorry Unkadug, I am not computer savy, or I would link you over...please forgive tthis silly man!
  3. heartodisney

    Haunted Mansion Secrets

    Raven , thank you for that info, too bad for us on no tour. I just go to Martins videos and watch his long version of his "walk thru"...music, no naration..which my wife and I love! We watched it many times before our last trip and when we rode...many times...we picked out many things we had...
  4. heartodisney

    Go Canada!

    A BIG shout out for Ryder Hesjedal and Canada for the first time a Canadian has won the Giro!
  5. heartodisney

    Kona Cafe Breakfast!!

    I believe this..we ate there in december, and I have FINALLY burned off those calories! :lol:
  6. heartodisney

    Go Canada!

    Congradulations to Ryder Hesjedal for the first Canadian to lead in the Giro d'Ttalia!
  7. heartodisney

    Whispering Canyon Breakfast

    Our wonderful stay at the WL last Nov/Dec, we stopped in just as they opened up fro b-fast and it was quiet..very lucky! Try their version of french toast...yummy!
  8. heartodisney

    magic Kingdom Opening Show

    Our last day there, we had b-fast at the Poly, we took a boat to the MK, to take another to the WL...we just made it to the opening ceremony. I snapped this one while my daughter kept asking "Why are we not going back in to see Mickey?"...
  9. heartodisney

    Does Disney Really Respond to emails?

    YES! In 2006, we had an incident that I shared with Disney, I got forwared to a CM, everything was taken care of, this wonderful CM has retired and we are very good friends and keep in touch. While we were last there in Nov./Dec., our family visited and had dinner with her. We were very blessed...
  10. heartodisney

    Tonga Toast

    Do not forget to try the guava juice! Jon pointed out the stawberry sauce too...wonderful, along with your Kona coffee..yes, I did share with all at the table!
  11. heartodisney

    Disney Music

    Mousebits.com might help you, good luck!
  12. heartodisney

    best place for parks music?

    I used to listen to Radio Buena Vista all the time, now (due to new pc) I cannot listen and surf web, it freaks out the station...so have just switched over to DTunes radio and loaded onto my Itunes and do not have to log in, just click, play and surf...of course I cannot rate music, but that is...
  13. heartodisney

    We just made our ADR's! What do you think?

    Very much looking forward to the follow up threads and pics Jon! Great choices sir!
  14. heartodisney

    Disney Movies with Soundtracks

    Oh, my mistake, I had taken on faith that a music cd was included.
  15. heartodisney

    Disney Movies with Soundtracks

    Now that the release of "The Muppets" has the combo pack with the soundtrack, any thoughts on Disney doing this on other movies, especially when movies re-released from the vault? This has certain appeal to me. I know that we are able to buy soundtracks from various sites and also to download...
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