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    Up and at em' Our Christmas ADRs!

    Your wife must be a very good planner ;)
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    WDWMAGIC Takes the Cake - The Official Cake Talk

    Your wife must design these cakes and she must be fabulous ;)
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    Renting a boat for Illuminations?

    We used our TIW card this past Christmas Eve :-)
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    Am I Nuts? Most Times Ever Visited Disney in 1 Year

    You are definitely not nuts! This year, we did 5 trips with our annual passes for 64 days total!
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    Would you go without your spouse?

    As jealous as he would be, I would go in a heart beat!
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    AP Question

    The AP discounts are usually tiered as well.
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    No worries... it's part of the magic in WDW :) The park ponchos can be replaced if they tear/rip at any location that sells them.
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    Had to postpone, how would you cope..

    I'm so sorry... that is so disappointing! WDWMAGIC gives me my Disney fix when I'm not in WDW:) Maybe you can start planning your trip for the later date?
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    It official I leave tomorrow

    Hope you have a Magical trip :sohappy:
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    whishes: what is it?

    Love this and love Wishes!!!
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    Grand Gethering experiences to be discontinued

    I really hope they keep these events and open them up to everyone!
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    President's Day Weekend?

    We did a surprise birthday trip for our kids this past President's weekend and it was very crowded. However, it didn't impact our trip... knowing how to tour the parks really helps out! We had an awesome time and are thinking about doing it again this year.
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