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Recent content by Erika

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    Happy Birthday Erika!!

    Thank you guys! Marcia-- I'm sure your voice is lovely :lol: BJ- Ima get you one of these days :fork:
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    Happy Birthday Pumbas Nakasak

    Happy birthday!:sohappy:
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    to my old WDWMagic friends

    Debbie, I am so, so sorry for your loss. Keeping you guys in my thoughts & prayers.
  4. E

    Life After Disney

    Just a quick reminder to steer clear of turning this into a political discussion. Thanks :)
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    Happy Birthday, Garyhoov!

    Happy birthday, Gary! :sohappy:
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    Press event Tuesday, Jan. 18th.

    Keep the opinions coming but please stop the personal attacks-- I'm getting a lot of reports about this thread. Thank you.
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    Happy Birthday, prberk!

    Happy birthday! :sohappy:
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    Happy Birthday, Mom!

    Happy birthday, Marcia! :wave:
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    Disney Bus Fatally Hits Pedestrian

    Thank you Steve, hope you guys are enjoying your holidays as well :kiss:
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    Disney Bus Fatally Hits Pedestrian

    Can't speak for the others, but I've been celebrating the holidays with family in from out of town ;) At any rate, I've cleaned things up considerably, so hopefully things will stay clean from here on out.
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    Happy birthday wdwfreak53!

    Happy birthday, Bri! :sohappy:
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    Happy Birthday DMC-12

    I missed this-- Happy birthday, Jer! :sohappy:
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    Happy 82nd birthday to our two favorite rodents!

    Aww Happy birthday! :sohappy:
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY scorp111

    Happy birthday! :sohappy:
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    Happy Birthday Tigsmom

    Happy birthday, Mad! :sohappy:
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