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    Laugh Floor Closed?

    I was lucky enough to be "That Guy" last night. My dd loved the fact that daddy was made fun of on the big screen.
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    Under the Sea update

    Was in MK on 15OCT12, and was lucky enough to ride Under the Sea twice during "dress rehearsals". The first time was around 1400hrs. The ride still has it's bugs. We were stuck in front of Ursula for almost ten minutes. When we exited the ride, we noticed that the CMs were preventing any...
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    Just received some great mail today

    I was watching for it every day. Where are you staying and how long are you going to be at WDW?
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    Just received some great mail today

    31 days out and just received our DME package. Can't wait to get going. We will staying at BCV from 12-18OCT and the at BLT from 18-21OCT. Here is our itinerary. Let me know what you think. 12- Whispering Canyon for son in law's 21st birthday 13- DHS- Sci- Fi 14- USF & IOA- Love WWoHP 15-...
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    $1067.66 later....

    We are going to WDW from 12-21OCT12. We are also going to USO for a day and attending MNSSHP on 18OCT. I really hope you enjoy your trip and please post your review when you return.
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    Guess what came in the mail today!!!

    Good for you. We should be getting our DME package in the mail in one month. Have a great trip.
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    Great news!

    A CM advised me a few months back that I couldn't book until 60 days out. Took a shot two weeks ago, but struck out. Got lucky today at the 70 day mark. Thanks for the well wishes. I will post photos upon our return. And yes, this is our first dessert party.
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    Great news!

    My dd was married on 14OCT11 and we are taking them to WDW for their first anniversary. Just got off the phone with WDW and was able to book the Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party for Monday, 15OCT12. Can't tell you how happy this makes me.
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    IF&WF question

    Thank you for the fast response. Where do you pick up the wristband?
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    IF&WF question

    We've never been to IF&WF and we need a little help. We are basically just interested in the food booths. Are questions are- What time does the food booths open, can you just go and buy what you want, and is there anything else that we need to know? Thanks
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    Obnoxious DVC Employees

    I have never had a problem with a DVC CM. If anything, I have to chase them down. They have never been pushy with us and we have three contracts with them.
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    Have you been down with a Herniated Disc

    After I tore a piriformis muscle I found a TENS unit to be a great up. I used daily until I got my MRI which led to three epidurals, many cortizones, rehab, and finally a full recovery. Hopefully this helps and good luck.
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    October 2012 Roll Call

    We will be splitting our stay between BCV & BLT. We will be visiting from 12-21OCT. We will be attending MNSSHP on 18OCT.
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    Our dining plans- what do you think?

    We just added Whispering Canyon (dinner) to our list. I am very excited.
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    Our dining plans- what do you think?

    Thanks for the advice. I have never been to Food & Wine. Not sure what to expect.
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