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  1. Djali999

    Retired Attraction Effects

    Here's an obscure one: barn doors at the bottom of Lift Hill C on Big Thunder Mountain (earthquake room). They're supposed to burst open as the train passes thru them. You'll notice they're just permanently open. For probably obvious reasons, they worked for just a few months in 1979 and have...
  2. Djali999

    PHOTOS - The Polite Pig coming to Disney Springs

    It's probably going to be nearer to their other take-out place, Swine & Sons: https://swineandsons.com Besides sandwiches, Swine & Sons basically offers to-go versions of popular menu items from their main location. I would not be surprised to see BBQ plates there - they specialize in regional...
  3. Djali999

    Pictures of big red.... I have never seen these before

    More interesting than Big Red to me is all of the other stuff that was deleted during previews... originally the lions had watering stations designed to look like chewed up zebra carcasses. There were also some half-eaten gazelles laying around on the savanna... it all went away pretty quickly...
  4. Djali999

    Adventureland Veranda - Skipper Canteen restaurant

    Let's not forget that the kitchen was designed to service both restaurants from the start - back when it served both Liberty Tree and Adventureland Veranda. I ate there a while ago. I guess I have what by WDW guest standards is an adventuresome palette, because I didn't see anything there that...
  5. Djali999

    Fulton's Crab House Closing for Six Months to become Paddlefish

    It's going to be brutal for all of us old-time Empress Lilly fans to see them ripping all this old wood off, but it's really very badly needed. I hope she ends up looking as beautiful as she once did.... end of an era!
  6. Djali999

    East Parking Garage construction

    I was close! ^_^
  7. Djali999

    East Parking Garage construction

    Flow through Downtown Disney should be greatly improved by all of the new walkways. We're all so accustomed to taking that idiotically circuitous route through West Side, Pleasure Island and Marketplace that its hard to imagine how much easier to get around the whole thing will be when it's...
  8. Djali999

    Percentage of visitors who are local

    You would probably be surprised at how many people live in Orlando and have never been to WDW. Universal, Fun Spot and Sea World draw in much more of the local population. The perception is that you need to be rich to go to Disney. I'd bet the AP population tops out around 15% at most during...
  9. Djali999

    Pirates of the Caribbean Updates

    In cases like this I encourage everyone it complain directly to a coordinator or manager. CMs know very well that the way management wants them to load up the boats is entirely unreasonable, and telling them so won't be anything they won't know. You have to tell the policymakers directly.
  10. Djali999

    Why do they do that?

    At DL it's to more evenly distribute the weight of the guests towards the center of the elevator (where the central piston is). At WDW it's to prevent people from leaning on the doors. And in both cases it's to encourage everyone to get out from underneath the ledge and better see the portraits...
  11. Djali999

    Does Disney lie about wait times in their official app???

    Having been a CM, I can confirm that Wait Times are generally inflated on official postings. This has more to do with the fact that Disney would prefer to round up and deliver a theoretically shorter wait (even if by a minute), and if things take longer than expected, then their butt is covered...
  12. Djali999

    Disneyland 60th Anniversary Special

    The FL SWL doesn't even have a separate design team. They should be, in most details, pretty much identical. DL is probably going to have much nicer entry and exit areas to and from the land. And I wouldn't put my money on Star Tours staying around in Florida, either. It's far less popular than...
  13. Djali999

    Haunted Mansion Secrets

    Just leaving this here for future generations: The CM HM walking "tour" is run by trainers at the Mansion, not by Imagineering. WDI also does HM tours from time to time, usually for behind the scenes business units or managers. Regular CMs get the trainers. The veracity of the information in...
  14. Djali999

    Why is Stitch still there?

    I saw Mission to Mars, Alien, and Stitch in this spot and I don't like any of them. If Disney were willing to pay to connect Stitch and Monsters by a tunnel then both show buildings could be linked together into a ride and solve the problem that Tomorrowland has always had two under attended...
  15. Djali999

    Rubber Spider Revue

    Yep, that's me! I like to do silly posts like these every so often so people don't forget that the blog is intended to be fun. :)
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