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  • The pictures look great!! Grandma looks like she is having a good time!! Glad to see you and your family had fun. Talk to you soon.
    Yay! I'll look through the pictures when I get home from work! Planning is going good, I have to call later today to see about one last ADR and I will be done. I'm starting to get really pumped! :D
    Glad to hear you had a great trip!! Im not enjoying the real world myself, infact I cant belive how cold it is in NY. Anyway, I too will be looking for some new pics!!! Talk to you soon.
    I'm sorry you are back in the real world!! Let me know when you get the pictures posted, I can't wait to have a look at them! :)
    Just returned from WDW!! Looked all over for you but the place was packed. Hope you had a great time, talk to you soon!!!!!
    I am really happy she is getting to go back! Every time I have gone in the last 3 years she has wanted to go, but couldn't. So, I know she is getting pumped. I only wish my Dad was into like her and me. He has never really enjoyed going to the parks, unfortunately. Make sure you get your Dad his birthday button!!
    Normally I go solo, but my Mom actually wanted to go this time b/c she hasn't been in 4 years! Crazy i know. So, I'm taking her down for a quick trip. I'll look into getting in Jiko. I've heard nothing but praise for the restaurants at AKL, hopefully I can experience at least one of them and have a glass of wine here and there. ;)

    I'm already anticipating your pictures!! Oh, smiley faces are cool...no worries.
    Nice to meet you too Candra! You just keeping pumping me up more and more for AKL. I think i am more excited about my upcoming trip now. I didn't think it was possible..but you accomplished it!
    It sounds amazing! I really wish I could've booked a savanna view room, but I got such a good deal on a standard room I couldn't turn it down.

    Watching the animals is why DAK is my favorite park, I could watch for days and never get bored with it. I'm sure I will be doing exaclty what you said everyday. BTW, my name is Nick.
    Thanks for the add! It is always good to hear from people that get it.

    This will be my first time at AKL....I'm really, really, really pumped about it. I hope you have a blast on your upcoming trip! :)
    Thanks.. Hope that you have a safe & great trip too! Maybe we will run into each other while we are there.
    Have fun! =)
    Thank you for the kind words and the friend request. Have a great vacation....I will say hello if I see ya!!!
    Were gonna be in WDW at the same time!! Enjoy your vacation and hopefully you got the free dining!!
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