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  • I was the same way. I grew up watching reruns on The Next Generation. It all grew from that. I really want to go see it again, but I'm going to wait until I get back from Uni and Disney next week (gotta save that cash). :lol:

    BTW, I love that you have JP in your list. It is my all time favorite movie! :D
    STAR TREK ROCKS!!!! I knew it would be good, but it was amazing! :D It was almost as good as First Contact. (Yeah, I am Star Trek geek too :lol:)

    Mother's Day was good, typical family thing. Mom said she ha a very good day, which is all that matters. :D

    How's everything going?
    So, I got to see the movie yesterday. I thought it was pretty good. I wish the fight scene at the end would've been longer, but it was really good.
    The weekend was busy with the funeral and all, but it was fairly good. I was planning on seeing Wolverine, but that didn't happen. I might get to go on Wed after my final. *crosses fingers*
    Sorry that it has taken m forever to get back to you. The last few days have been hectic! We loss another family member Wednesday plus everything else that has been going on...it's been crazy.

    How is everything going up there?
    That sounds awesome! If I had that nice little ticket, I would've ate some kind of food too!! I've never experienced anything like that! :lol:
    Sometimes Freshman are fun because you can still put them in their place, but the behavior problems! :brick:

    I hope your weekend is going good! :wave:
    My certification is grades 6th-12th, but I prefer high school over middle school. I especially like working with juniors and seniors. Freshman are the real pains! :lol:
    ok, i was writing something but then the site went down for maintenance, so i don't remember what i was writing. lol...oh well
    Hey there! YES, a much needed haircut. and, i talked to mom, my tax return came in. it was the smaller of the two, but still, more $ for vacation! and mom is paying us for our work on Thurs when we go out to dinner.
    Everything is going good. Student teaching wraps up next week. I still have a lot to do, but I can see the finish line.

    I'm happy to hear that the job is going so well!
    HEYYYYY... 86 days! i know that seems like a decent amount, but the last 40+ have FLOWN by, so the countdown continues!!!! YAY!
    Congratulations on the promotion! Nothing beat job security right now!

    Your ADRs sound awesome. Now, all you have to do is sit back and what for July to get here!
    Too bad? Conference champs and a BCS Bowl Bid, that's an awesome year! :)
    Easter/Birthday was good, I did the family thing and enjoyed an afternoon in the sun! It was GREAT!!!

    So what ADRs did you get?
    lol, I guess you haven't had much to cheer for in awhile on the sports front. University of Cincinnati did pretty good last year though....I don't know where you went to school though. I hope you have an awesome Easter weekend!!!
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