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  1. BigTxEars

    Disney Quest to close in July 2017

    I'm a DQ fan. Not a NBA fan, so I shall pass!
  2. BigTxEars

    Boardwalk Garden Rooms

    Not in the Garden Suites but just a plug for BW in general. It's awesome. We booked it again for our Jan trip next year but then switched to Wilderness to try something new. It was hard to switch as we love BW some much but we want to explore a bit :)
  3. BigTxEars

    Fire Rock Geyser not feeling well?

    Good to know :)
  4. BigTxEars

    Buying DVC...don't flame me for asking

    Going on our third year into DVC and we do not regret it. :)
  5. BigTxEars

    Too old to buy DVC?

    And if the kids won't leave it to me cause I will!
  6. BigTxEars

    What Percentage Of Your Savings Did You Spend?

    Used bonus money from my job to buy both of my contracts, therefore it never went into the bank as savings so I never touched savings....loophole!!!! :) Life is life.....I want to live it now as much (if not more) than plan for the future.....both are important but the one sure thing is that...
  7. BigTxEars

    We own the Poly now!

    Congrats and welcome to DVC!
  8. BigTxEars

    Booking Time! 2nd Best WDW Time Of The Year!

    I was hoping it was because I'm special :) But your reason makes a lot more sense!
  9. BigTxEars

    Booking Time! 2nd Best WDW Time Of The Year!

    I hope they don't. We are not big view folks. More of we check it out when we get there and when we are leaving. Is the constrution just on the new buildings or will it involve the current building as well?
  10. BigTxEars

    Booking Time! 2nd Best WDW Time Of The Year!

    Good to know. We will work around whatever they are doing. It's pretty hard to get my goat when I'm at Disney, I just kinda flow with whatever :) Thanks for the info :)
  11. BigTxEars

    Booking Time! 2nd Best WDW Time Of The Year!

    WooHoo just booked the Wilderness Lodge 1 bedroom for a week in Jan 2016 for our next trip. Other than going to WDW for our yearly week long visit this is my favorite time....when we get to use our points to book a room :) Never stayed at the Wilderness Lodge before, AKL last year, BW the year...
  12. BigTxEars

    What's Everyone Doing Tomorrow?

    Opps got back and forgot to check my own thread......getting old sucks!!!!! Sorry all.... Rode ToT twice :) Ate a Sanaa and indeed did have the bread service :) No Dole Whip :( Sorry! And I never did but almost threw my kids who were fighting with each other out of the ToT window to their...
  13. BigTxEars

    What's Everyone Doing Tomorrow?

    Cause I'm flying to Disneyworld for a week at AKL :joyfull: Anybody want me to ride, eat or drink anything for them?
  14. BigTxEars

    Anybody get a 35% raise last year?

    Oiler fan of old......it's was drilled into me as I grew up :)
  15. BigTxEars

    Anybody get a 35% raise last year?

    Cowboys suck, always have and always will.
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