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  1. Alice a

    Next Gen Busses

    Trying not to be rude, but will you please stop replying with the same comment multiple times? I respect your opinion and hate using the 'ignore' function, but I read chunks of threads when I'm home from work, and it's just painful repeatedly having to scroll through the exact same comment from...
  2. Alice a

    News Re-Usable Bag Price Increases

    I've carried a cloth bag of two into the parks for years (there are always a few in my purse) - it's a win-win: the strap is long enough that I can hang it on my shoulder and my hands don't get sweaty and gross, I can pop it into the washing machine when I get home to remove the funk, they've...
  3. Alice a

    Overnight parking charges to increase at Walt Disney World Resort hotels June 2019

    I've been trying to figure out how to post this for months without WDW killing the loophole, but we avoided paying for parking at Coronado this past February and May. We drive down from Charleston, SC because it's a nice 5.5 hour drive and if we flew, it would cost substantially more, we...
  4. Alice a

    Harbinger of the Apocalypse Day 1 No wagons and smoke

    Forget getting banned from WDW, @Ladybat is headed towards a wdwmagic ban at this rate...
  5. Alice a

    Harbinger of the Apocalypse Day 1 No wagons and smoke

    Can the people repeatedly arguing, who have no chance of changing each others' minds, please stop, or this thread will get locked, too? You know who you are. You're the ones posting back and forth. I would like to know how well this is working without having to wade through all the clucking...
  6. Alice a

    Severe Thunderstorms Strike Disney World

    They came up through Charleston, as well. The band ran all the way to Virginia. Our city government offices as well as many local businesses, the library, and the College of Charleston all closed at 2 today due to the weather. I believe it threw some tornados south of here. It was not a normal...
  7. Alice a

    How does WDW compare to rides outside of it? Can you name singular rides that equal or better Disney's?

    My dad worked for Kyocera as ceramic engineer designing capacitors, usually for medical equipment like pacemakers. In 1996, I was one of 50 American employees' children sent on a 2-week expenses-paid tour of Japan, and one of the many highlights was when they rented Nara Dreamland for us and a...
  8. Alice a

    So why weren't there many strollers back in the day?

    There are 4 parks. Not the 1 or 2 we had through the late 80s at the vacation kingdom of the world, when it was a slower, full resort experience. 4 parks, 2 water parks, 2 mini golf courses, and Disney Springs. All at record-high rates with heavily scheduled dining and fastpasses, and most...
  9. Alice a

    Contemporary Evacuated

    Off topic, but what a lovely photo!
  10. Alice a

    FOX Acquisition Could mean Deadpool, Rio,Night at the Museum, Independence Day, Alien, Ice Age, Titanic, Planet of the apes in parks

    Wasn't there a Titanic-themed attraction in Australia back in the day? Or did I hallucinate it...
  11. Alice a

    Worst Disney World hotel experience thread

    Yeah, it was crazy. I'd gotten a big Christmas bonus at work, and I called Disney direct to book the week before the trip, with no real idea of what I was getting- we had always stayed off-property, so I was like, 'so this is why my dad said WDW hotels are expensive! " Our first Boardwalk stay...
  12. Alice a

    Worst Disney World hotel experience thread

    The first time I stayed as an adult and paid for my own trip, we paid the exorbitant pre-paid rate of $220 a nite for the second week of January 2012 at Coronado Springs. We were placed in an unrefurbished room, in all it's tired, early 90s glory, as first - time out of state annual passholders...
  13. Alice a

    Rumor Spaceship Earth Refurb - 2 Year Closure

    Vin Diesel - just for the vibration when he hits a low cadence! A lot of moms and dads would walk out more ahem relaxed ;)
  14. Alice a

    Disney may lose its right to build a nuclear power station

    As a SC resident whose electric bill skyrocketed as a result of these corruption-ridden disasters (until voters had to repeatedly sue our own legislature to freeze rates during the investigation) and will most likely suffer massive rate increases for decades to pay for the never-built plants...
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