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Yes Miss This is France 🇫🇷! June 18-July 1, 2023 (Disneyland Paris and other parts of France)


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Bonjour les amis! Translated to English…Hello friends! I recently got back from France the trip included Disneyland Paris, Paris, Loire Valley, and Normandy. We had a fabulous time!

Who: me (Amy), my husband (Brad), my niece, and her mom/my sister

Why: My niece graduated from High School and it my gift to her. I guess it was Brad’s gift to her too. When my niece was younger I told her I would take her wherever she wanted to go when she graduated high school as her present. She picked Paris. She did have guidelines to follow:
1. She had to get decent grades. She graduated with a 4.0 GPA. Some schools include A+ in GPAs, hers does not. So yay, straight A’s.
2. She had to have a solid plan for after high school. She plans to be a teacher. As a teacher myself I have mixed feelings about this, but it is a solid plan.
3. She had to stay out of trouble, like no wild partying etc…. She was a good girl. Although I might have been too if someone had promised me a trip to Paris!

As for my sister (her mother) she was “just along for the ride”, or that’s what she told me.

So I planned for quite some time for this trip but from the time I offered it to her as an upper elementary kid to the day she graduated…wow did it go fast! Whenever I asked her what exactly she wanted to do in the trip her response was everything! She said she would leave it up to me since I’d been there before. But she did request the Eiffel Tower at night and in the day and of course Disneyland Paris. Oh and she wanted to eat baguettes!

Since my niece (A) is not a member here and I don’t know if she wants her picture posted I won’t be posting pictures of her. Or I may blur her face. Same with my sister. So you will have to just deal with picture of the lovely sights and if Brad and I. Haha!🙂

Please let me know if you have any questions about DLP, planning or if any place we went.

Okay….bon voyage

Sunday June 18, 2023 Departure day
Brad, who some of you know is a pastor, worked and did his service in the morning. I picked up my niece and sister and we headed to Minneapolis for our flight later that day. On the way we ate Subway subs and chatted. At the airport we checked in fine and breezed through security in about 10 minutes. We all exchanged some US dollars to some Euros and had a drink.

The flight was non-stop and went fine. We all slept a little but it never got completely dark out which was weird


Soon we were starting our decent: look Miss it’s France!

New day: Monday June 19, 2023
It was a little strange that it was now a new day and we didn’t really have much of a “night”. But we landed and we were ready to go. We just had to get through passport control and customs. That didn’t take too long only about 15-20 minutes total. The driver I hired through Paris Disney Transport was waiting for us and soon whisked us away to Disneyland Paris.

I booked a driver instead of getting the shuttle bus or the TGV train because with 4 people and luggage it just seemed easier, it didn’t cost much more, less stressful for me.

Soon we were dropped off at our hotel. The hotel we stayed at was Disney’s Sequoia Lodge. Brad and I had stayed there before, it was the cheapest of the hotels situated on the “lake” which meant a shortish walk to the parks, we liked the theming even though I knew we would t spend much time there.


We passed by the Marvel hotel on the way. We never got a chance to check out the inside of the hotel.

I checked us in and got our tickets but our rooms were not ready so we headed to the parks. Even though Delta had fed us on the plane it was plane food so all of us were a little hungry. My niece which I will just refer to as A from now on had seen Mickey shaped pizzas online and that sounded good to everyone. We stopped at a quick service location in Disney Village, like a Downtown Disney, and got Mickey pizzas. It was a mistake for us all to get our own because they were bigger than we expected so we left stuffed.

The pizza was decent. It tasted like a Totinos pizza and while I know Totinos is t a high class pizza I like them from time to time (probably lets me relive my childhood). Now one thing Brad and I remember very clearly of our last visit to Disneyland Paris is how horrendous the food was. He and I only remember Bistro Chez Remy, Walt’s, the breakfast at Sequoia, and the Buffalo Bills show as being palatable with Earl of Sandwich and Annette’s being ok. So eating this pizza that tasted like Totinos was a huge plus that maybe the food would be ok.

And isn’t the pizza cute?


And the box was cool too. While ordering the guy in front of us was from Norway and he was flabbergasted that we were from America and had come all this way to Disneyland Paris, especially since in his words “we have the really Disneyland and Disney World so close”. He was very interested in our California and Florida experiences. He was nice and actually ended up at the table next to us and kept chatting through our meal.

After lunch we walked to entrance of Disneyland and did some pictures in the pretty entry. At one point my sister (who I will refer to as T now) exclaimed. I can’t believe the entrance would look like a hotel! And I was like that is because it is! The Disneyland Hotel is before the the main entrance but is currently closed for refurbishment.



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Monday June 19, 2923

Since June is PRIDE month the Mickey floral at DLP was PRIDE themed. I thought it looked pretty cool.

And a close up of the hotel before moving through the turnstiles, which are really touch points like the Metro that have glass partitions that open to let us in.

All of us were really happy that the 30th Celebration was still going on. There were a lot of fun things being done at DLP to celebrate. In fact it made me angry at times that the 50th for WDW really was kind of lame in its offerings.

The welcome placard. Something I always pause to read at the train stations of MK and Disneyland.

Almost to Main Street!

The town square area is so familiar and different all at the same time. If I looked to the left I would see Disneyland's City Hall, then the Emporium looks so much like MK's but then from the center with the gazebo to the righthand side it is all different. But it still kind of felt like "home". I also love the gazebo.


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Monday June 19, 2023

Let’s continue down Main Street. What’s this? A gas station! Cool, MainStreet here is supposed to be set a bit later than the US parks.

A had seen these ears on the internet blogs and I guess they sell out fast so she was excited to see them and bought them right away. I decided I didn't need a new pair of ears. Well....a couple hours later I saw them again and thought "I don't have any ears from Disneyland Paris...." so I now own them as well. Plus they are dang cute!


There were some fun sculptures in the hub to celebrate the 30th.


Not a sculpture, this guy kept following me around.



Now time to admire the most beautiful Disney castle. Yes, I will call it the most beautiful. I grew up seeing Cinderella Castle as a child and I can admit that something is more pretty than it. Just all the stuff inside and outside DLP's makes it gorgeous.




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Monday June 19, 2023

So see the crowd in front of the castle? It was Disney cast members, from entertainment I believe striking in front of the castle. The strike had been announced about a week prior so we knew it was going to occur and while no strike would have been preferable having the strike the day we arrive (a partial day) instead of a full day was better. That did mean that there wouldn't be any shows or parade that day, but that was okay. We were planning on taking it easy and just exploring Disneyland parc since it was A & T's first time there. It was very surreal seeing such a protest occur in front of the castle and we thought we would be blocked from going inside the castle. So we just took our time taking pictures and looking at the strikers. It was something historic to see in a Disney park. Then the strikers organized themselves to march down Main Street. We had seen what looked like parade crew come out on Main Street when we had arrived and I guess they were preparing for the strikers to march? So we stood back and watched them start their march down Main Street. I have video but I can't link it since I don't put stuff on YouTube but that is a parade we will never see in the US parks, the strikers were very calm and organized. I never felt like they would get violent so I was ok watching them. Oh and they did have someone videoing them because the ones in front kept talking to the camera, I don't know if it was for the news or what but it was very organized.


Once they left the castle, it was open for the rest of us. What happened to the strikers? We never saw them the rest of the day or the rest of the trip. I did appreciate that they announced the strike in advance, that was considerate to let guests plan around it. I also read recently that Disney and their union reached an agreement that they won't strike again until after summer or something like that but no agreement on terms of pay.


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June 19, 2023

Now that the strikers are gone let’s go in this castle and see some more beauty.

Those of you that have been to Disneyland know that it has a Sleeping Beauty walkthrough with dioramas. Well DLP has a second level with stained glass windows and tapestries that tell the story of Sleeping Beauty. I think I read somewhere (or heard on a podcast) that the person that did the stained glass came out of retirement just because of the opportunity to do these windows for Disney. I guess he had been huge in his field and had done a lot of notable works and restoration projects and had refused to come out of retirement for other projects but when Disney asked he thought it was a unique opportunity to do something besides church windows that it intrigued him enough to take a retirement break. If I am remembering correctly I think that is a cool story. And the windows are just breathtakingly beautiful and I've seen a lot of stained glass!


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Monday June 19, 2023

One more stained glass, because they lived happily ever after of course.


Unlike at the US parks, at Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant guests can go out on the balcony at the back of the castle! It gives park goers a nice view of Fantasyland and in my mind the feeling that it is really my castle and I can wave to the rabble down below. Notice that the carousel is being refurbished, it was being refurbished the last time I was there too! I was bummed both times because B and I have a tradition of taking our picture every trip on a Disney carousel. I even do it when I take my solo trips.

Back to the hub. We walked past were the entrance to DLP's dragon is but that was under refurbishment too. So I guess this statue in the hub was our substitute for the dragon.

Into Frontierland for our first real attraction.

Our first real attraction is in the distance...will it be the boat (aka Molly Brown)? Will it be Phantom Manor?

Oh wait will it be Big Thunder Mt.?

It will be Phantom Manor! I like how the queue area is so themed in a creepy yet elegant way.


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