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ABC Commisary, useless staff & cold, greasy food:fork: .

We've ate at lotus Blossom several times & always enjoyed the food although the surroundings leave a lot to be desired. Cant believe somebody suggested rainforest cafe, we LOVE it there.


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The only negative thing I can say about a resteraunt was eating at Tony's. The meatballs were flavorless and the sauce was bland. My wife didn't like the taste of the Seafood Diavoli at all (it sent her to the bathroom ASAP as well). The desserts and service was good though.


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I second MissM on The Rainforest Cafe. We tried it at AK and it was by far the worst dining experience we ever had on Disney property...we won't be going back.


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Not a fan of Pecos Bills or Cosmic Ray's. I mean it is good if you are looking for cardboard burgers, but if that is not your thing, you might just want to skip it.... :lol:


My least favorites: Rose & Crown (UK) and Restaurant Marrakesh (Morocco). Have only eaten at each place once. Not sure if it was what we ordered, or if they were having a bad night, but I doubt we ever venture back to either place. Well, maybe the bar at Rose & Crown but don't see us trying the food again anytime soon.

The only thing I've ever had at WDW that I didn't like was at R&C, but that was my fault. I was trying something different and it backfired on me LOL


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I really enjoy almost all of the sit-down restaurants that I've tried at WDW. There's usually always a positive out there for someone, whether it be culinary, setting, architecture or atmosphere. Two of the disappointments we have had are Shudders and Boatwright's, though I would still try them again.


It's amazing how everyones tastes in food and dining choices are so differant.

Some of the places mentioned here are my favorites.

Personally, I had my worst dining experiance at The Coral Reef Restaurant
at The Living Seas.

We got bad seats and bad food at really High Prices there.
We won't go back until they change their menu drastically.

I had a bad time here but it was in 1999 so I don't think that counts lol...


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I've enjoyed all the Epcot restaurants, including the ones in China, France and Morrocco. Le Cellier is always wonderful, and the times I've eaten at Rose and Crown and Alfredo's the food and service have been outstanding. I don't care for the dinner menu at the sit down restaurant in Mexico, but that's my taste. Lunch there is always terrific.

I can almost say the same for the studios, but I did seem to catch Sci-Fi on a bad night. The salmon was overcooked and dry, and the service was lousy.

Magic Kingdom needs more sit down non-character restaurants, but all the food I've had there has been OK to great. You get what you pay for!

I love all the restaurants in the AK, just wish it was easier to find a place to sit at Tusker House.


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ABC Commissary.

I tried it because I liked that they don't just serve the usual burgers, chicken sandwiches and fries there, they seemed to be trying different things. But it really was pretty nasty, the only time I've ever really said that about any food items at WDW.

But my main complaint is that this restaurant really is just an ordinary commissary, just a plain cafeteria with little (one could argue no) theming. There are TV sets positioned everywhere in the cafeteria with commercials for ABC TV shows, and if you ask me the volume is turned up quite loud.

That's all it is, a cafeteria doubling as a billboard. I've never gone back.
I have to agree with this, the place is pretty terrible. And I think it rubs off on people too. Last time I was there there was a fight between two men :lol:


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I also really like Restaurant Marrakesh and have eaten there a total of 5 times, most recent being this past Labor Day. I have also been eating on and off since 1983 at Chefs De France and I have never had a bad meal there either. I ate there for the first time at the age of 11 I believe.

One of my all time favorites since the 70s that is now on my worst meal list is the Columbia Harbour House, specifically their Fish and Chips. What used to be a nice piece of batter fried fish is now merely a greasy fish stick. Comparing them to Mrs. Paul's fish sticks would be insult to that woman. It was disgusting! I tried to eat it, I say try because I couldn't even finish it, this past Labor Day too. :hurl:

One place I do remember that was terrible was the Adventureland Verandha. For those of you who don't remember this place, its that empty space to the right as you cross over the Adventureland Bridge into Adventureland. It was some type of semi Asian cuisine but not even close. I had a sweet and sour chicken with rice, that was more sour than anything. I ate there for the last time during the summer of 1993 or 1992, I forget which.

Other than that I really have to say I haven't had many bad meals. I have had some bland meals, Sci Fi, Concourse Steakhouse, Alfredo's, ABC Commissary, but i wouldn't describe them as bad per se.


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Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station - There was nothing more amusing than watching families look in wonder at what they've ordered.

Tony's/Alfredos - Had a horrible meal at both. The Italian fare that is offered is dummed down American style. Take a look at Italian resturants that do things right (Macaroni Grill comes to mind). Service was good though.

Biergarten - An bland trip through Germany. The desserts we're lackluster. The way in which the resturant forces you sit in an unusual table arrangement with strangers is awkward when the groups are of varying ages. There are better buffets.

ABC Commissionary - Always always empty for good reasons. This could be an amazing table service resturant if the Studios heads actually cared.

Rainforest Cafe - Any resturant that forces you to walk through a gift shop in order to sit at your table has it's priorities mixed up.

Planet Hollywood - You could commit suicide here and the staff wouldn't know. It's that loud, obnoxious, and over rated.

Blizzard Beach/Typhoon Lagoon - Underwhelmingly bland quick service options at both waterparks. When I spend half a day at Typhoon, I go to Downtown Disney to grab a bite to eat at Earl of Sandwich. The ONLY redeeming option is the Mini Donuts stand at Typhoon. But at $6 for a dozen, not including a dipping sauce, that's highway robbery my friend.
Biergarten - An bland trip through Germany. The desserts we're lackluster. The way in which the resturant forces you sit in an unusual table arrangement with strangers is awkward when the groups are of varying ages. There are better buffets.


A quick side note......I ate at several places in Germany where this is how you were seated. The difference was that there was almost always someone at the table smoking and they did not care at all that their cigarette was in the middle of the table and they were blowing smoke in your face :hurl:

Growing up with a German grandma I have to say that Biergarten's food is nowhere near as good as the real stuff....but I didn't think it was totally awful.

My vote for worse restauant is ABC Commissary!


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Sci-fi: the ribs and cole slaw were awful. How do you ruin cole slaw? And the waitress tried a little too hard at being entertaining. It just came across as annoying.

ABC Comissary: I've had many a hamburger at the World. Theirs is hands down the worst I've ever had. It was lunch hour and it was dry and cold like it had been sitting there for hours. And I agree that the tvs are way too loud.

Shutters: I ate there on the DP and being free didn't make up for how bad my steak was.

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