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Worst Disney Attractions? (Current & Otherwise)

Which ones are worst?

  • Journey Into YOUR Imagination

    Votes: 8 19.0%
  • Habit Heroes

    Votes: 6 14.3%
  • Phantom Boats

    Votes: 3 7.1%
  • Path of the Jedi

    Votes: 9 21.4%
  • Launch Bay

    Votes: 10 23.8%
  • Stitch’s Great Escape

    Votes: 7 16.7%
  • Superstar Limo

    Votes: 15 35.7%
  • Flying Saucers

    Votes: 1 2.4%
  • Canal Boats of the World

    Votes: 2 4.8%
  • Other

    Votes: 11 26.2%

  • Total voters


Well-Known Member

The best thing was the game piece you got at the gate. I remember winning a couple of minor things. And DCA got extra clicks from the AP's so they could claim their game pieces, even if they exited right after getting one.

From the Yesterland page;

>>Each guest entering Yester California Adventure receives a game piece for the Ultimate Scratch & Win Game. It’s a free chance to win one of 10,000 action sports prizes.

You could win a pin, watch, or ESPN Zone game card. That would be cool, right? There are big prizes too—Mongoose bikes, Yamaha motorcycles and ATVs, and even Saturn ION automobiles! If you win the car, you’d really feel good about the $47 you spent to get into the park.<<


Well-Known Member
Primeval Whirl is that like an upgraded clone of the Dinosaur diorama on the Disneyland Railroad or....




Well-Known Member
The Phantom boats were only open July 1955 to August 1956, so I don't know if you meant to have that on your list, but the Motor Boat Cruise (1957-1993) was really pretty fun for a kid. It was like Autopia, but on the water.

Brer Panther

Well-Known Member
I'm lucky enough to have never actually experienced any of those rides.

But if I had to pick one, it'd probably be Habit Heroes (for the reasons you stated), Journey Into YOUR Imagination, or Superstar Limo.

As for ones I've actually experienced... well, The Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management was pretty bad (when Gilbert Gottfried singing is the least of your problems, you know you've got a crappy attraction). It's Tough to be a Bug is awful, too. Only good for traumatizing kids.


Well-Known Member
Original Poster
The Millennium Falcon feels like a huge letdown and given the sheer size and cost of SW Land, I can't really consider a dim Xbox game and a gigantic sterile waiting line full of junk really worthy. It's more like a Disney Quest game than a true Disneyland attraction.
It’s a shame that they scrapped DQ in favor of that one-note NBA experience, really. And why would Pooh get hate other than replacing well-liked rides on their first two appearances?


Well-Known Member
Original Poster
The old tire ride in Cars Land that you spent the first 95% of the time figuring out how to move the darn thing.
I was only interested in it because “it was based on the Flying Saucers”, and I wanted to try a vintage ride like that. Turns out that was NOT an ideal ride to bring back.


Well-Known Member
The old tire ride in Cars Land that you spent the first 95% of the time figuring out how to move the darn thing.

Were they impossible to get working or just very difficult? I rode them once and never rode them again. So obviously I didn’t find it fun or worth the wait but I can’t remember the degree of difficulty in getting them to move. If you did eventually figure it out, would subsequent rides be worth it since you now had the knowledge/ practice? I’m guessing even if you did figure it out it wouldn’t be worth the wait. I think those waits used to average at least 30 min. Anyway, I don’t think Rollicking Roadsters are any better except visually for people passing by.


Well-Known Member
This is prob an unpopular opinion but I think Nemo Subs and Autopia are a giant waste of space in DL. They take up like 20% of the park and are the 2 worst rides in it imo. The entire east side of DL needs to be bulldozed and rebuilt.

Also Goofys Sky School in CA doesnt belong at all. Its a cheap generic wild mouse coaster that you would find in six flags.


Well-Known Member
Superstar Limo vs Stitch’s great escape Or it’s older alien Encounter iteration?
I never have been on Superstar limo but have ridden Monsters Inc and have seen videos of Superstar Limo, just interesting how much it has changed but can’t be worse than Stitch’s escape IMHO, you just sit there, strapped to a chair LOL, I remember the alien variant but was honestly more scare with stitch’s


Well-Known Member
I genuinely think MF:SR is the worst existing ride at Disneyland Park when factoring in what the purpose of each ride is and how well it suits that purpose.

In total, Gadget’s Go Coaster may be worse than MF:SR - but it’s meant to be the first coaster for a 3-year-old. It can’t be much more than it is.

Autopia - again, it may be worse on paper. But it’s a classic attraction meant to give very young children the impression that they’re driving. And unlike WDW, DL has maintained the attraction to ensure it remains a tolerable experience. The landscaping and scenery are generally good. Those who haven’t been to WDW may not realize how good Autopia is in comparison.

Subs - are they even bad? They’re claustrophobic, but I enjoy the ride itself. You don’t get many 15-minute rides these days. Plus, the lagoon adds a lot of sorely needed kinetic energy to Tomorrowland and it’s positioned beautifully right under the Matterhorn.

In contrast, MF:SR was a big-budget attraction aimed at adults and children alike. And it falls so unbelievably short.

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