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World Of Color Refurbishment


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Some slots for the World of Color dining package at both Wine Country and Carthay still open for this weekend. Dessert Party is booked full through March 2nd.

Based on the check in time for this Saturday for the dessert party, the show will be at 10:15pm on the weekends with the weekday shows until March 7th at 8:30pm


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sigh WoC was the only important thing I missed this past summer......well, that and a decent fireworks show at DL. Thanks, Pixar.


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Yeah, and crowds are sure to be down this summer, so Disney will be way too broke for something like a silly parade.
Uhhhh I think that would be the opposite with Galaxies Edge opening?? I don’t see crowds being down! Maybe at DCA they will be.


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WOC is 9 years old. It's time for it to be creatively refreshed and what I'm trying to say is the whole show should be Moana now.
Really what they should have done is give it a Fantasmic 2.0 type of treatment. The whole year that the show was down they could have put in/remove certain scenes and update the HD projections to 4K.

I've never seen the show in person or on YouTube but I'm glad it's back just in time for my trip in May.


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Just watched the live stream... the projections and the lasers were DEFINITELY upgraded. The picture on the water screens was amazing.

BUUT... I’ve never seen so many fountains out! It’s very noticeable. I hope they have people around the clock replacing fountains until the grand opening March 1.
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