Who the HECK is Hondo?!?!?!


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Do we have Hondo so Disney doesn't have to pay rights to actors in the series?

Similar to how Disney ended up using nylon stockings to mute the details on Indiana Jones's face to not be sued by Harrison Ford?
Galaxy's Edge is set canonically after The Last Jedi in the timeline. Han Solo can't appear because he died.


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riddle me this then, genuises

Wait; Opie Cunningham made a movie?


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riddle me this then, genuises

if young han solo doesn't take over the falcon from honda asimov or whatever his name is i'm never gonna visit disneyland again. MARK MY WORDS.

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In my experience, the movie Cars is irrelevant when it comes to the ride. There's absolutely no storyline, you're just passing by settings and cars in a car. In GOTG, you're obviously in some sort of sci-fi setting, but I couldn't tell you what is happening. There is a story there and they use the same setup as TOT to suddenly dump a bunch of exposition on you. The trouble was, I couldn't hear the speech over all the APs gabbing. Like the internet, the preshow is not something that you just dump something on, it's not a big truck. It's a series of tubes. If you miss the GOTG preshow and possibly because you're completely unfamiliar with the source material, it's like you've suddenly gone down the wrong tube and have absolutely no idea where you are.
It would be funny if you get in trouble at the parks and they have to take you off stage to talk to you but let you continue in the parks with a stiff warning, just before you head back out, they show the Captain America "So you are in detention" PSA.


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I feel that Disney using Hondo in the Falcon ride is a nod to a cross section of Millennials and diehard Star Wars fans. Basically the only people who appreciate his existence/ know who he is. It’s a move saying “yes we re Disney, but our portrayal of the Star Wars universe won’t be ultra commercial and here is an example of us highlighting an obscure character.”

Or I could be totally wrong as I’m a casual Star Wars fan at best. I had no idea who Hondo was before he was announced as being part of the attraction.


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I would have loved to be present in the planning meeting for this ride.

"Alright. Here's the deal. Imagine a ride where you can pilot the Millenium Falcon. Fly anywhere. Fight the bad guys."

"Sounds great! I'd be a fan's dream. What a way to solidify Galaxy's Edge as the forfront of themed entertainment and solidify a visit there as a sort of Star Wars pilgrimage? I assume you'll get to interact or see Han and Chewie in the queue?"

"Well, no."

"Oh! This takes before Han owned it. Lando?"


"You're right. This takes place during the sequel era, between episode 8 and 9. Rey has the Falcon at this time."

"Well, yes. But she's in the Rise of the Resistance attraction"

"Wait... who's the character tie in for this attraction?"


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