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Where should the next princess come from???


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So, just thinking of all the Disney princesses out there and where they come from(country/nationality/ethnicity) , its awesome that there's a good variety of backgrounds where they've come from, but ..where should the next one come from???

Snow White- German
Cinderella- France
Aurora- British? German? (Definitely European)
Ariel- Dutch? (Atlantian-which of course is not a nationality, lol)
Belle- France
Jasmine- Iraqui/Arabian/Middle Eastern
Mulan- China
Pocahontas- Native American
Tiana- African American
Rapunzel- German
Merida- Scotland


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I was thrilled when Tiana was added to the mix to give us that "American Princess" factor. Yes I know Pocahontas was Native American but technically she wasn't American... she was there before the whole Smith crew made it "America" after all. :)

I'd love the idea of a Hispanic princess of some sort just because it seems to be a group not yet represented. A princess from Spain could be a wonderful way of doing that. It's a beautiful culture.


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I think it'd be cool if Disney classed it up a bit and turned to opera for some of their stories.

Turandot - story of a wicked Chinese princess who must choose a suitor, but executes every man who approaches her until a suitor teaches her how to love

Aida - story of a Nubian princess who is captured by the ancient Egyptian army, and falls in love with an Egyptian while imprisoned

Lakme - story of a Indian Hindu princess (technically daughter of a high priest) who falls in love with a British colonialist

It'd also be cool if, as Sleeping Beauty managed with the Tchaikovsky ballet, at least some of the music was maintained from their source material. I for one would love to see Turandot's Nessun Dorma or Lakme's Flower Duet on the big screen... but that's just me. :)


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Italy! I am Italian and would LOVE THAT.
or Canada, or the Carribbean but with that I can see them saying Oh we have Pirates of the Carribbean.......whatever flots Disney's boat :p

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