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What will happen when the Skyliner breaks down?


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The rent even that many gondolas in total. Most of the system can be reached with a Genie lift.
Right on, its exactly what is in the video that i mentioned i watched. I wouldn't say doom and gloom. Chances of that happening are so wildly slim to none that every gondola would need to be evac'd. Gotta think about it though :p I would hate to go down watching a few genie lifts lumber down the line! I've driven those suckers, like 5mph max on pavement.

I mean I drive on FL highways on the regular, and have ridden space mountain quite a few times recently;). The odds of one of the other two getting me is hugely higher than a gondola taking to long to get out of in an emergency situation.


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I assume that slam is directed toward, me! OK, I have been on that bucket of bolts, must be over 100 times, and I never noticed that it actually diverted over water (not far over it, but, indeed over it). And @danlb_2000, thanks for your non-snarky, factual response to my question. It is hard to stay civilized in today's world. I appreciate it.
Also, in between the Contemporary and TTC is over water and the flyby of Epcot goes over water as well.


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Why? And why does it matter what they ask? Are these “forums” not a forum for free and open discussion? Cannot I not give genuine feedback?

Are we merely able to offer an opinion if it conforms to certain expectations? I may think that the gondolas are awful, so it is my prerogative to speak what I feel.
Shouldn't it be "Can I not give genuine feedback?"😜
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So your stuck on a gondola for a couple hours. Will your fastpasses you are late for still be honored when you get to the park?

Uh asking for a friend.


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I understand the grief that this thread is getting, but I honestly believe the thread and intial question were made in good faith. I've been keeping up with the Skyliner thread to what I believe is a degree much higher than average but I still found it helpful to review the videos donsullivan posted.
These videos show you exactly what would happen if they ever had to do an evacuation.

In short, there is a comprehensive evacuation plan for all parts of the route in the event of an emergency condition that required an evacuation.
Additionally, I thought the question about a backup was a good one that I recall being asked in the Skyliner thread. So can I ask again, just for the sake of bringing this thread to some degree of reasonable questioning (emergency ops questions that don't devolve into cooking alive jokes), do we know what backup will be in-place for this system, or what is typically used? A page or two back @danlb_2000 mentioned a diesel generator/backup generator. Would this generator kick in after a few second delay post-powerfailure? With backup power would the gondolas move slower than usual? I understand these are specific OPS questions so we likely do not have an answer unless @Lift Blog or someone else knows the OPS of similar Doppelmayr models.

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Peoples reaction to this subject always fascinates me.

There are elevated cable gondolas/lifts that have been operating in nearly 60 countries in virtually every conceivable climate and topographic condition imaginable for decades. Last I read, more than 18 billion people have been transported via some kind of cable lift system system since the early 70's in the US alone.

The number of fatalities in the US since then...less than 20. In spite of this so many people seem to think that Disney will need it's own morgue to deal will all of the casualties from the Skyliner.

You are 5 times more likely to die in elevator than on gondola. Escalators kill 30 people a year in the US alone. Where was all this panic when the Land pavilion opened with 2 escalators and an elevator just feet from each other?


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The New York Tram has been working since 1976 and transports 125 people and makes about 120 rides each day. It's gotten stuck a few times. Everyone survived, and no one had a breakdown. It happens, just like cars get into accidents, trains get stuck, boats flip. Just because is WDW does not mean it will be perfect.


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FWIW here's a local TV news coverage about the Fireman https://www.wesh.com/article/concerns-arise-over-fire-safety-at-disney/27512670 from comments from the firefighters union about the gondolas. Mostly about the fact the number of firefighters isn't anywhere close to the growth of the resort.
I would encourage you to be careful of those reports. The firefighters union president is trying to aggressively use the media as a weapon because they didn't get what they wanted out of the last set of contract negotiations. They have gone so far as to try and get the state legislature to change the RCID law under the guise of removing the provision that allows the landowner to build a nuclear plant (totally a distraction) to get a special provision written into the RCID act just to benefit the firefighters union (it failed). The union president is on an aggressive misinformation campaign because he didn't get what he wants.

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Peoples reaction to this subject always fascinates me.

There are elevated cable gondolas/lifts that have been operating in nearly 60 countries in virtually every conceivable climate and topographic condition imaginable for decades.
Clearly you don’t realize every Disney novice, amateur, former CM, and fan is an expert in everything, and each opinion should be logged and then implemented by upper management.
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