What to do to relax at WDW?


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Hi there everyone,

Im on countdown to my trip (11 sleeps) and I wanted to ask people about what they do to relax when they go to WDW on vacation.

Im really looking forward to the trip and going to all the parks and staying at WL and I want to make sure the holiday is fun and also relaxing as work has been so busy the past year and I want to really chill and relax on holiday so i come back refreshed and feeling the benefit.

So my question is what do you do when your there to relax? Do you make sure you spend a certain amount of time at the resort at the pool, do you go for spa treatment? etc etc

Id love to hear from ppl that have the balance of a fun and filled holiday but also relaxing.

Thanks all


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Take some time to just hang out in the lobby at night and relax. It is such a beautiful place. Take a boat ride over to the contemporary and take a trip on the monorail. Stop in at the Poly and the GF. I also like to sit on a bench at night in front of the castle and just take it all in. Another idea could be to take a walk from WL to FW. There is a path that you can take and I believe that it is about a mile walk. Finally, renting the little sea raycers is a nice way to relax a little as well. Have a great trip.:wave:
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No cooking, cleaning or running errands is relaxation enough for me. :ROFLOL:
But we do like to have one night when we swim and watch the fireworks.
Have fun on your trip. :wave: Sheri
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We finally added a few non-park days to our trip last year & will be doing a couple down days again this year too. Noticed you will be there in 11 days - same as us!

Some non-park things we do to relax are:
1) hang at the pool at your resort
2) rent a sea raycer
3) go mini golfing
4) take a mid day nap (never tried this but I know someone that has)
5) Take the boat ride from Port Orleans to Downtown - it is very relaxing
6) Hang out on the beach at WL or Fort Wilderness at night and catch Wishes & Electrical Water Pageant
7) Someone I know took a fireworks cruise and found it very relaxing - said it was very neat to view Wishes outside the park in Seven Seas Lagoon.
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We love to take night swims after a long day at the parks...do that almost every night...relaxes our muscles before beddie bye.

We always take a mid week break and just shop at DTD, swim, stroll resorts, etc.,

The monorail is relaxing. So are the boat rides to the various resort for dinner.

I also love the many shows at WDW and sit down and relax in the air while watching them...Bugs Life, Philharmagic, Honey I Shrunk, Muppets...you get the idea.

7 days and counting!!!!!!!!!:sohappy:
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When we were kids (especially when my brother and sister were little), we'd go back to the resort in the middle of the day, swim, maybe nap, and chill. Now that we're adults, we plan to not go into the parks at least two days on the trip. On those days, we swim, explore other resorts, and visit Dowtown Disney and/or the Boardwalk.
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If you wanted to just relax. Just have maybe 1-2 days.. That you had NO iternary for. :) So, you wouldn't be running back and forth throughout the locations. We have done this before and it worked out amazingly.
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The best way to relax is to get up about 10 - 15 minutes early and have a cup of coffee on your balcony at the Wilderness Lodge. To relax in the evening I suggest going over to the beach at the WL and watching the parade. Ahhh....relaxation...:cool:
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I'm relaxed the whole time I'm there. Sounds kind of stupid but it's true. I work 6 days per week. Don't have weekends off so when I'm down at WDW it's a huge release. I love walking around whatever resort I'm staying at. I never rush when I'm there. The only thing we need to watch the time on is some dinner reservations. We get in a whole different mode when we're there.
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kirst_al UK

do all the water parks to chill and sleep (but don't tell my mum i sleep in the blazing sun :lookaroun)...

I've not done it as yet but just an idea taking some time out relaxing on the poly or floridian beach....
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Spend the day at Typhoon Lagoon just lounging or splashing in the warm water, or take the lazy river around the park...forget the slides!

Order room service breakfast and take it out on your balcony for a leisurely morning.

Boats across the lake are relaxing.

Crank up the air conditioning and watch Disney TV in your room during the hottest part of the afternoon.

Hang out on the Boardwalk

Utilize your resort's hot tub in the evening

Eat a lot of pasta, lots of energy when you need it, and you sleep better when the carbs wear off!
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Some of the ways we relax at Disney:

-use Disney transportation!!
-take days off from the parks and resort hop or lounge around the pool
-Typhoon Lagoon
-spend many hours in World Showcase at Epcot - it's so relaxing to stroll around with a drink, people watch, take in the live entertainment, and eat :slurp:

-we don't do "commando style" and we really take time to enjoy what we're doing. it makes things much more relaxing and enjoyable for us.
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After a thrilling day at any park or spending that money thats been burning your pockets at DTD, there's only two words that make sense to me:

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