What Is Your Favorite Ride And/Or Attraction ❓

  1. Soarin over California (now defunct)
  2. World Showcase - In order of preference: Italy, Germany, Norway, UK, Japan, France, Mexico, Morocco, USA, Canada, China.
  3. SSE
  4. TTA
  5. FOP


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I haven't been in 18 years, so I have no idea about the newer rides. However, that being said, my favorite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean!

General Mayhem

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PeopleMover, CoP, Tiki Room, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, Frozen Ever After, Dinosaur, Everest, Country Bears, Festival of the Lion King
(RIP: Kitchen Kabaret, Journey Into Imagination (1983), Delta Dreamflight, and The Great Movie Ride T.T)

Forbidden Journey, Revenge of the Mummy, Spiderman, Horror Make-up Show, Celestina Warbeck and her Banshees
(RIP: Original Poseidon's Fury, Ghostbusters Spooktacular)

Mako, Manta, Shark Encounter
(RIP: Water Fantasy, Blue Horizons)
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