What Is Your Favorite Ride And/Or Attraction ❓


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I'd love to sound "insider-y" and say TTA, HM, or Voices of Liberty but Flight of Passage is the best. Its awesome.


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BTMRR (although the Disneyland version is a teeny bit slightly better)
Also Tea Cups. That's right. I said it. I love the Tea Cups, and I drink my tea at home out of a WDW Tea Cup tea cup.

My daughter's fav is Pooh. My DH's favorite is Space Mountain, although he's never been on the one in WDW, only Disneyland and Tokyo. So I guess his WDW favorite right now is Everest.


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Flight of Passage - It far surpassed my expectations when I rode it and it impresses me every single time. This is one of the first attractions that I wish I could build in my house (and also if it gets to the point where we can control the movement, it would be SO EPIC!!)

Other favorites:

Tower of Terror


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SPLASH remains my top desired attraction. But its followed by so many other great ones... ToT, PoTC, HM, EE, FoP, and too many others to list


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@Artemus I noticed that my upcoming answer is not unique.....but honestly like some other folks, my favorite ride is Splash Mountain.
For the non-ride experience I enjoy the acapella singers in the lobby of the American Pavilion in Epcot.


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Any in park transportation. There is nothing quite like riding up Main Street USA in a horse drawn anything or chugging briskly across World Showcase Lagoon on a Friendship Boat. My fave is of course the WDW Railroad. Between MS Vehicles, the Skyway, and the Railroad, the old Magic Kingdom didn’t burn shoe leather in quite the same way it does today.


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Fav ride that no longer exists - Horizons
Fav ride - Splash. They just don’t do 10 minute plus immersion like that any more.
Fav attraction - American Adventure. Gets me every time.
Fav evening show - Illuminations: ROE. Could watch it every night of a trip and still want to see it again. We Go On really gets me and getting to slowly walk out of the park holding my wife and daughters hand while Promise plays is the highlight of every trip for me. I’ll miss that the most when it goes away.


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Mk- thunder mountain/carousel of progress
Epcot- spaceship earth
Hollywood- rockin rollercoaster
Animal kingdom- Everest


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I enjoy tower of terror because it’s the one ride that scares me at all. Would I get to the park an hour early to rope drop it? No, that is still just fop now, although we did that for slinky dog yesterday. I love the safari and living with the land as well.


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It's a Small World.
Because it makes my wife so happy to ride it. Seeing her almost egress back to a child in such pure joy is astounding to watch. ITs now bled into me and I get the warm fuzzys just hearing the earworm in my head.
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