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WDWMAGIC 15 Year Anniversary Guest Book


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Happy 15th and here's to many, many more anniversaries! Thanks for running such a simple and easy to use site that allows even us non-techies to be avid fans and posters!


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Thank you steve!!!

Thank you steve and everyone here!

I've been a proud member of this community since 2001 and actually have been around longer than that!

Here's to many many more years of DISNEYWORLD MAGIC! (remember that) :)



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Thanks to Steve and all the dedicated members on here who make this site truly one of my favourite places to visit on a daily basis. This site helped me plan all four of my trips and also helped turn me into a HUGE Disney geek! GREAT site and here's to another 15+ years everyone!!!


Lands of Wonder

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Thank you WDWmagic.com for all the hard work you put into this site and small Disney online community. You all have done an amazing job keeping it up especially for volunteering on your own time. I would never be able to find the time to do something like this on my own, if there is anything I could do to help dont hesitate to ask.


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Congratulations on 15 years! This site is and has always been a great resource for news and great fun for chatting with other fans about the parks. Happy anniversary!


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Happy Anniversary! Keep on doing what you do - this is by far the most informative and level-headed board around and I'm happy to be a part of it!


Happy 15th! It feels like it was just the 10th!
I have started just about every day with a cup of coffee and WDWMagic since I stumbled upon it in 2003. You are largely responsible for my obsession with that magical place and for that I thank you!
Congratulations on running one of the best and most respected WDW fan sites on the web and many years of continued success!
Congratulations WDW MAGIC! Have been a member since 2002 - July 4th of that year to be exact. Appreciate the site and the exchanges between posters. Lots of good info on here and great attentive moderators. I'm a daily visitor - often more than once. Enjoy being part of the WDW Magic Family.


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So glad my hubby and I found this site many years ago, its amazing to see how much it has evolved from when we became members in 02! I swear I need business cards for all the times I've given this site name to friends and family members who need Disney info....Keep up the great work Steve and Happy 15th Anniversary .......And as I think of it Hubby and I our celebrating our 15th as well!!

Thanks Again for a great site!!:sohappy:
Happy 15th Birthday WDW Magic!! I love that this site keeps me informed on all things Disney! I love that whenever I need a Disney fix I can always come here and it will get me through, even when I know my next trip is way too far away!!

Thanks WDW Magic! Here is to many more!!!! :sohappy:


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I could not imagine turning on my computer and not coming to WDWmagic. It's part of my every day routine. Keep up the good work.

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