WDWMAGIC 10 Year Anniversary guest book

Happy birthday, wdwmagic.com! This is the first site I check when I log in, and the last before I turn my computer off. My friends all marvel at all of my Disney knowlegde, and this site has kept me sane in between trips- especially now that I'm counting down to my first day as a Cast Member! Happy, happy birthday, and may the next 10 years be even more magical than the 1st.


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Happy birthday WDWmagic!

Your such a good website and you help pass the time at work.

Here's to another 10 years!!!!


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Dear Steve and WDWMagic Community,

Thanks for the updates, insider info, and otherwise plenty of stuff to read when work gets boring. Every trip seems to be a bit more magical thanks to everyone here!

-Sara (aka-FanofDinsey1981)


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Happy 10th Birthday, Steve! Hope there's a 20th, and a 25th! Just don't make the site look like a giant birthday cake, ok? ;)


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Best Wishes for another 10 and MORE!!!

You have given DISNEY fans a fun, safe place to share their passion for all things DISNEY. Be it educational, informational, fun, or just plain "out there", if it pertains to DISNEY, chances are you can find it here!!!

Thanks for being our "one stop shop" for DISNEY information, and for opening us up to "a whole new world" of vacation fun!

:sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy:


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Happy 10th Anniversary.. And thank you Steve for running the most even-keeled, truth-minded Disney board out there


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First I would like to say Congratulations! I can't believe this site has been around this long...but it's wonderful that it has! (And I can't believe I've been around this long either! :lol: )

I am so thankful that you decided to create a site all about Disney. (Well, Illuminations first...then Disney! :D ) This is some place that I visit more than I do anything else in my day. (I'm even on here at work...:lookaroun )

Without the people who visit here, I would have never learned all the wonderful things I know about vacationing in the Happiest Place on Earth, would have never been able to be this up to date on Disney info, and most importantly, would have never met some of the wonderful people I now know because of this site. The people on this site really are like a family (yes, it's true...we are sometimes dysfuntional) but we are a family nonetheless. We are all there to help each other in one way or another. Whether it's help on planning that next trip to Disney or it happens to be something personal going on in our own lives. And thanks to you, this "family" has been created.

So here's to ten, twenty, thirty, and even more years! It's been wonderful! :wave:


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Happy birthday, WDW Magic. Even though I've only been coming here for about a month (yeah yeah I'm a noob), I've finally found the kind of site I've been looking for- a place where I can think about the magic of WDW when I'm not there on vacation, so thank you for that.


Thank you Steve, and all the people who share themselves on this site. There are no bad visits to Disney, but I can honestly say that all of my trips since joining this site have been greatly enhanced because of what I have leaned here. Hope to see you all in Oct/Nov.:kiss: :kiss: :kiss:


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Happy Tenth Anniversary to the greatest Disney site on the internet! My there be many more years of WDWMagic to come! And cake!:sohappy:


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Happy 10th Birthday!

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday and wish everyone an awesome 4th of July. Great work Steve, I hope you keep it up!!! :wave: :sohappy:
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