WDW Picture of the Day Thread (Part 5)

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How about some images from August (20th, to be specific) 1972?


More here...

These were taken with a Polaroid Colorpack III camera on Type 108 film by my parents on their first trip to WDW. They were stored under varying, horrific conditions for over 30 years. During that period, the Type 108 film came with adhesive cardstock backs to keep the prints from curling (which was also handy for labeling, thus I know they exact date they were taken). This also tended to make them stick together and remove parts of the image when unsticking them. I scanned them on an Epson flatbed scanner and did the best I could to punch up the color and sharpness.


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Clicking on the picture takes you to its Flickr page, where you can navigate to the many other Christmas pictures I've posted recently. (Several more will be posted today).

Many more pictures can also be found in my newly posted trip report. Check my signature for a link to it!


Here is mine for today :)

Clicking on the pic will take you to its flickr page :)

Wonderful picture! I just love it, but I had a few questions for you...
First off, since when do mickey's eyes blink? I had no idea that his face had moving parts!
Secondly, how is Peter Pan flying??

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