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Cloudy Rainy day here today. Here is a cloudy rainy day at Hollywood Studios.


HDR in Photomatix. 3 shots were not originally taken so I created 2 virtual copies in Lightroom 4 and had Photomatix adjust the exposure +2 and -2 on two of the copies. Cropped and straightened in Lightroom after HDR processing. Made for a great Facebook Banner for my wife.
Love the picture...but why are there gray halos around the palm trees?

Allen C

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Love the picture...but why are there gray halos around the palm trees?

HDR halos are commonly seen where the sky meets buildings or trees. They are usually the result of using max or close to max settings during tone mapping.

There are several ways to reduce or remove halos during HDR processing.


Thanks Allen.

I tried to remove the halo's as much as I could. However it didn't bother me that much. I got what I wanted out of the very bright cloudy sky. I must also add this was not 3 separate shots. I didn't take bracketed shots like I should have so I just created virtual copies in LR4 and let Photomatix adjust +2 and -2 during merging. I still like this shot even with the halo's.


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Okay... this one is kind of oblique. This is Geirangerfjord, which is the fjord that is pictured on the wall above the drop into the North Sea on the Maelstrom ride. :)


jealous... Norway, a packpack and my camera... 10 days, that is my dream

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