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WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part III


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No Way Jose at Beaches N Cream

This is sooooo on my list this year. Even if I just have 3 or 4 spoonfuls, they will be had!

real mad hatter

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Ah but can you ( Americans ) beat this one. On a day trip to Tijuana Mexico ( staying at San Diego ) We,a party of six of us went for breakfast in this cantina type place at 9.00am. I opted for a platter called "The Alamo", and this plate of eggs,potatoes,spicy chorizo sausages,chilli beans,and I mean chilli,and other stuff which I had no idea what it was,but ate it.Then our server came with a tray of Margaritas which was instead of fruit juice.So at 10.00am we left sozzled and my stomach was on fire.:eek:


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Seriously, before PH had the VIP platter I used to order the Texas Tostadas as a separate appetizer when PH was at Caesars Atlantic City and when I went to PH in Manhattan.

They are heavenly. They are the reason I like Barbacue chicken pizza. The tortillas the chicken rests on are crispy and thin and the bbq sauce on the chicken is sweet yet tangy and pretty perfect. With the diced tomato, sour cream side, diced red onion and a yellow and white cheese mix....forget it! They are good.

Also, I am jealous of the Le Cellier desert table. I will never pass up the beer cheese soup and an entree so sadly I may never have the room for it, even to split with the DH.


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This thread makes me so hungry! And jealous since I can't eat most of these desserts (allergy reasons)
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