WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part III

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Well its been 2 years since the last of these threads was started and The Dining Forums have been reinvigorated over the last 6 months!

So with a whole new crowd dreaming of meals & snacks at WDW and many starting to return i believe it is time this thread received its 3rd installment!!

So lets get the show rolling....

Orange & Pineapple Dole Whip Floats

look good, where from?


On the edge of glory.

The "Photo of the Day" threads have been moved and are now located in the Photography Section.


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Grapefruit cake @ Hollywood Brown Derby - I hate grapefruit, but my fiance enjoyed it (and it was pretty). :D

Okay, so I just think I accidentally injured my nose by ranting and raving that i forgot to get this while I was at DHS. I had set out JUST TO GET THIS while there and then I forgot. It didnt help that just surviving the crowds in DHS was enough of a distraction and feat in itself this past Wed. So, that had a lot to do with my forgetting. *Sigh* there's always next time.

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