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  • Hey Newfie Fan! I just wanted you to know (if you don't already and a million other people haven't told you) that your picture was published in the Jan/Feb issue of Celebrations! I was looking through the mail portion and saw your kids dressed up as Peter Pan and Tink (adorable, by the way!) and thought "hey, I know them!!" or at least I feel like I do from your TR. Congrats!!
    You need to clean out your PMs, I tried to send something and you're over quota...
    I found Mickey waffles! They had them at Crystal Palace on the buffet. I was ecstatic, and cleared my plate so I could duplicate your picture, haha. =-)
    Where did you get your Mickey waffle? It's such a random question,haha - I just have yet to be able to order one at my disney breakfasts. I hoped CRT would have them, but no such luck! I'm on the lookout for my next trip. Every time I see your avatar, I suddenly have a craving for one!
    Hey thanks for the comment about my bridal shower blog! I just realized it was there ~ I'm glad you enjoyed reading about it, it was a fun day =) LOVE your profile pic, I've never had the Mickey waffle, I'm trying to find one this summer when I'm there!
    Haha its pretty weird you looked at my profile and we are gonna be at the same place at the same time...not even counting Disney...I mean the hotel too! hahah!
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