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WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part II


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Bread service at Jiko. Not as good as the old bread and flavored butter.



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Those are so poorly cooked. No hard sear.... Blonde color..... Probably were frozen which leads to this... So sad..
They weren't "hard" seared, but there was a crust on them. Maybe the pic doesn't do them justice, but the whole dish was awesome. I'd definitely say to try it.

Jimmy Thick

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Had an absolutely incredible meal at Steakhouse 71. Dined with a couple retired Imagineers so we got some special treatment.

Got the ham and perfect egg appetizer, was so good I almost licked the plate.


The main course was a New York strip so tender you could cut it with a fork.


Again I’m totally impressed with every meal I have eaten here the quality has been on another level. The prices are ridiculous but the food is amazing.


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Story Book Dining. Fun meal and characters were great.
The apps - were very good (we subbed the from the garden for the shrimp) the soup was delicious.
Entrees- the Stroll Through Nature was amazing! My husband said the Brothers Grimm Chicken was pretty good too (he got regular mashed potatoes)
deserts were light and refreshing but nothing that spectacular imho
Drinks - strong and delicious can’t go wrong there 😂


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