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Well back from a magical Christmas Disney trip... starting to go through all the pics but haven't gotten any from the actual trip up yet... I know this isn't a WDW character... but I really think he should be! They need to add him to Pixie Hollow!! Visited Pixie Hollow for the first time this trip and have some great pictures from it coming... I thought the room itself was awesome... the shrinking hallway beforehand was a little underwelming but the room made up for it... we went to see Disney on Ice after and saw even more fairies... including my fav Terence....

Clicking on the pic will take you to its flickr page... where a bunch more pics should be appearing soon


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Christmas with Alice!




my two (almost 3 year old). Ask her what was her favorite part of disneyworld and she's adamant, quincy and june (and poohs honey pot) :)


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Eeep no posts for a few days and the thread moves down a few pages... so here is a bump and a picture for today :D

Clicking on the pic will take you to its flickr page where a bunch of other pics from Mickey's 'Twas the Night Before Christmas are now posted :)


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Thanks for the bump. I went back looking for this thread. We I got to page five I though I better go back to one and see if anyone posted.

Here's my photo:

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