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Walt's office gone from DHS

Are you excited to see One Man's Dream close for Toy Story Land?

  • Yes

    Votes: 33 22.1%
  • No

    Votes: 116 77.9%

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Magenta Panther

Well-Known Member
Somebody in this thread might know- does any footage exist of the Buddy Ebsen "dancing man" machine actually operating?
Did the thing ever work?

I have wondered that myself ever since I saw the thing. It's kind of eerie as it is, with the dancer just standing there. But the cool part is that Walt himself built the theater that houses it. God knows where it'll end up now...


Well-Known Member
A great part of the day for my family and I.

HS was always the second day of our trip, so after experiencing all the great things of Magic Kingdom on day one to stop by here and watch the movie made it more special...



Well-Known Member
I guess this is what we can expect then :( all hail!
Iger Dream.jpg


Well-Known Member
I always find that I don't take long enough to look at all of the exhibits in this walk through.... the start of the film usually rushes our group through the last half to 1/3 of the displays. The office on display was a nice touch for this attraction, and it will be missed for however long OMD remains open.

Just a reminder to all of us Disney Park goers... that this is a theme park, not a museum. Replacements, refurbs, and rip-outs are always an option and nothing is 100% sacred to its original design. (granted it is a museum housed in a theme park)


New Member
At the beginning of 2014, there were 7 rides and 9 shows.A year went by, the attractions closed, now there are only 5 rides and 7 shows. Note:That is counting one mans dream and VOTLM as attractions that are still open,not closed!

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