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toy story land

  1. Lotso "Lots-O-Huggin Bear" in CTF(2011)

    Lotso "Lots-O-Huggin Bear" in CTF(2011)

    The newest star from Toy Story 3 actually made an appearance to end the worst parade at Disney on a high note, but also he didn't completely save the parade from being completely boring neither.
  2. Woody and Buzz in CTF(2011)

    Woody and Buzz in CTF(2011)

    Jessie, Bullseye, and Potato Head were there too, and that was me waving to Woody. These toys can cheer me up any day, but that wasn't enough to save the parade from being completely boring.
  3. Disney MGM Studios 2007

    Disney MGM Studios 2007

    Here are some highlights from Disney's Hollywood Studios(formerly MGM-Studios), including Streets of America, Pizza Planet, Stars and Motorcars Parade, Ratatouille at Magic of Disney Animation, plus meeting Woody, Sulley/Mike, and Lightning McQueen
  4. Woody topiary

    Woody topiary

    The star of the Disney/Pixar Toy Story films was one of the featured topiaries as well.
  5. Hugging Woody

    Hugging Woody

    He's also awesome, which he and Buzz were in a vintage style car in the Stars and Motor Cars, also one of the stars in the Pixar parades following that gem.
  6. Hugging Buzz Lightyear

    Hugging Buzz Lightyear

    He's possibly my favorite in Toy Story, because he is an awesome space toy.
  7. To Infinity and Beyond with Buzz and Woody

    To Infinity and Beyond with Buzz and Woody

    This was my first time meeting both Woody and Buzz together in one meet and greet, instead of two separate spots like in the past. Another childhood goal was checked off my bucket list.
  8. pauljriley

    Disney's Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Midway Mania, Occasional Vlog #33

    Continuing our first day at Disney's Hollywood Studios, we venture into Pixar Place and take a spin around Andy's bedroom in Toy Story Midway Mania, a favorite ride last time we were at Walt Disney World, and it proved to be as popular with Albert and Dorothy on their first experience of the...
  9. mcompanik

    Walt's office gone from DHS

    We were at Hollywood Studios yesterday and stopped by One Man's Dream. There is a drawing of Disneyland over the window where the copy of Walt's office was. I talked to a cast member and she said that everything was being packed up to be moved to the Disney family museum in CA. I am glad that we...
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