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Upcoming entertainment changes


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Do we know what time World of Color is expected to take place when it comes back? I'll be visiting in July and wanted to make dinner reservations, but don't want it to get in the way of WOC.


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Thank you. Does service at Carthay Circle take long? If I booked a table for 7:40 do you think that'd be enough time to have dinner and watch PTN at 8:50?

That is potentially cutting it very close, especially because you may not be able to just walk up to a spot at show time. I'd see if you can get an earlier reservation time, or book the Carthay PTN dinner package if you really want to make 100% sure you get viewing.

DCA has a huge route with lots of space for everyone, but if the park is very crowded that day it still might take some work to find a good viewing spot.


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Quick question: WOC will take place at 10:15 even when the park is scheduled to close at 10?
Yes. How it works is people are allowed to leave but no one new can come in, so technically the park is "closed" to new Guests until after that showing of World of Color.

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