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Universe of Energy being unrepainted!


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Nah. It turned an amazingly designed building into a movie theatre.
When was it not a movie theater. All I remember were movies of the great accomplishments of Exxon to benefit mankind. The only thing I remember not being a movie was the dinosaur area and that still existed. Granted the preshow was pretty impressive if you knew that those panels were moving and it wasn't just a trick of projection, but other then that the most interesting part remain both with the original and with the Ellen version. I'll tell you one thing if you were thinking about dozing off, the big BANG portion certainly woke one up. I felt that Ellen in conjunction with Bill Nye put the whole thing in a part of something that everyman/woman/child could relate to and how is directly affected them.

I'll be honest I never really knew that Communicore East was an extension of UofE. Even if I had, there was no reason to get rid of that. It seems that it would have complimented Ellen's as well as the original. I'm sorry, I know I am quite one sided in my opinion of Exxon, but for all the help they were, they also contributed very negatively to the planet. I really couldn't get that out of my mind while watching it. Every one has their own idea of which one was the best. Both, with time, fell out of favor with the public. Those full ride vehicles practically disappeared near the end. The engineering for that pavilion was indeed spectacular, but it was for both versions, just different and more entertaining story lines in my opinion.


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I’m really happy they’re repainting the UoE. Finally turning this Epcot redo around. I just hope they update Test Track, theme it to “blue” and remove the host before he stars in Pitch Perfect and we learn he’s a real person.

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