Trip Report Two goofs and an orange bird conquer the world.


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Sunday June 23 continued.

After our very lengthy lunch we headed back out into fantasyland. Lines were getting pretty long, and we hadn’t received our room ready text yet. Needing to kill some time and escape the heat, we headed to philharmagic!
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Our show was packed, probably due to the heat. The show was fun as always!

I got the room ready text during philharmagic, but we had one more FP to use before heading to our room.

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It was time for the wildest ride in the wilderness! We had a blast as usual! After our ride, it was time to escape the heat for a bit. We hopped a monorail back to the poly.

We were in Rarotonga room 3803. Another king room. Disney must think I really like my wife! 😂

Hers a few pics from the balcony

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I really liked the location of the room. It was conveniently located near both pools, and right next to great ceremonial house. After napping for a few hours we headed back to the magic kingdom.

The flag retreat ceremony was about to begin when we arrived, so we decided to watch.

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It was a really awesome ceremony! I highly recommended taking this in to anyone who hasn’t done it!

We grabbed a FP for jungle cruise on the way over, so we headed there next. I can’t remember our skipper from this trip, but she had a very dry sense of humor. After our cruise I was feeling a little hungry. Not wanting another hangry situation I made an order at aloha isle.

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So good! We split this, as we weren’t too far from our dinner reservation.

We spent the rest of our time in MK browsing various shops, trying not to get too sweaty before dinner.
DROOOOLLLL!! i cant ever be at MK without having at least 10 dole whips!


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Sunday June 23 Continued.

We left MK and headed to the boat dock. Our destination for the evening would be our “home”, wilderness lodge! We stared at WL our first trip together, so It’s always been extra special to us. We were glad to be back, and excited to try a new meal.

We were dining at artist point(do they still call it that?). We hadn’t experienced the character meal here before. I am super awkward around “face” characters, so I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of meeting Snow White or the queen. But I do love grumpy and dopey, and the menu looked pretty good, and because A really wanted to try it, I agreed to go.

The lazy Suzan style serving tray was interesting. I of course had to spin it while waiting on our drinks.
A ordered the enchanted apple(pictured above), I had a drink called the alchemy. Both were pretty good.

The appetizers were mushroom bisque, some sort of sausage junk, and a shrimp cocktail. The mushroom soup is by far the standout among the three. The shrimp was so-so, and the sausage was pretty gross!

For entrees we ordered prime rib for A, and the land and sea dish for me. The prime rib was far superior! Really wish wish I had ordered it! It was tender and delicious!

You may be asking yourself “where are the character photos”? So far we’d been there about 45 minutes, and had not seen any characters around!

Desserts are done the same as appetizers, where they’re shared by the table.
Gooseberry pie. It was surprisingly good!

Poison apple was my least favorite of the desserts, but they do look cool!

Miners treasures! This was the surprise dessert for me, as it didn’t sound that great, but we both ended up really enjoying it!
The presentation here is pretty neat!

Just as we were finishing out meal, the lights started changing colors, and the music started. Snow White was finally making an appearance!
Would I be able to meet her without making it super awkward?


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Sunday June 23 continued.

Eventually Snow White, dopey, and grumpy all began making the rounds. Snow White was up first.


She did a fantastic job of interacting with us, and keeping it from being awkward! She even recorded a little message for our niece through our “magic mirror”!

Dopey was up next. He wanted to take a selfie with us!

Up next was grumpy.

He was cracking me up! Every time he walked by a table with kids, he got very grumpy at how noisy they were! Lol. He was glad to be at a table with fellow grumps!

After grumpy came by we were ready to meet the Queen! Unfortunately she was still nowhere to be seen. Our waitress told us she’s be out in about 5 minutes, so we decided to wait.

She finally made her grand entrance about 25 minutes later.
She had some crazy facial expressions!
I was a little unsure, but had been waiting too long to not go meet her now!

She gave A some tips on keeping me in check!

Those eyes! I found this meeting to be incredibly awkward. The queen was good, but why is the location right in the center of the restaurant? It was strange having the waitstaff and other customers trying to navigate around everything.

Overall we enjoyed the experience, but I feel like the pacing was off. Normally Disney restaurants seem to be in a hurry to turnover tables. This one has the opposite problem. It’s not a meal I really want to spend over two hours on.

We took the boat back to MK and made it just in time to catch HEA, we didn’t have a great view but still enjoyed it. Afterwards we had a few night rides on BTMRR! We took the boat back to poly and crashed hard!


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After our cruise I was feeling a little hungry. Not wanting another hangry situation I made an order at aloha isle.
All your dessert photos look tasty! But I'm intrigued by what you bought at Aloha Aisle. Looks like a Dole Whip, but what it is on top of? Is that a cake bottom? What was the flavor? Looks heavenly!!! :hungry:


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Wednesday June 19 continued.

We hopped on a bus and headed to Magic Kingdom! I can’t believe we’d been on property for 3 days, and hadn’t visited!

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Orange bird was feeling a little more at home. The people behind him are clearly coming up with a plan to kidnap him!

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Nobody was in line to take the strange zoom photo thingy. Outer bright shirts give us away pretty easily!

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We headed to our first fast pass, Splash Mountain!
We were greeted with a pretty long but steadily moving FP line. Everything was going good until we got almost to the merge point. Uh oh! More bad weather was moving in!

Not wanting to get soaked, we waited it out in the que, making a new friend to kill the time. We were finally on about 35 minutes later!

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Moments before the soaking. Not from the drop, but from being stuck right were the little water jets shoot water! Wasn’t really a big deal since the heat had returned in full force!

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We headed over to orange bird’s native adventureland to check in on our pirate friends.

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A was prepared for the photo. I apparently was just glad to be inside!

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We headed over to Jungle Cruise next. Our skipper was named Topher. He did a great job, but we had a laaaaame boat. We did our best to egg topher on. After our cruise he made sure to thank us for being good passengers.

When we finished our cruise the skies were starting to look a bit menacing again. We had plans to do Hoop-Dee-Do. We headed for the exit to see if we could beat the weather.

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Just a quick PP before we leave!

We headed to the boat dock, hoping the rain wouldn’t arrive too soon. It wasn’t raining yet, and we heard no thunder. We were ever hopeful!

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Our hopes were soon dashed! This was the most intense storm of the trip. It came in very fast, and the wind and lighting were terrible! After a few minutes everyone’s phones started giving emergency alerts.

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Tornado warning. On the boat dock. We were not in a good situation, and I was legitimately scared! We needed to get out from the boat dock, but it was hailing and lightning was striking everywhere! Eventually one of the large boats that run to Ft. Wilderness pulled up. The captain yelled for everyone on the dock to immediately get inside to boat to wait out the storm. He promised it would be much safer than standing where we were! We rode out the rest of the storm in the boat. We were drenched from having to run to the boat, but thankful to be safe! Definitely an experience we won’t soon forget!
hey bud, loving the trip so far. what is the zoom picture?. i have never seen this before. have a i been living under a rock?lol how do you get one of those?
glad you had a great trip !


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hey bud, loving the trip so far. what is the zoom picture?. i have never seen this before. have a i been living under a rock?lol how do you get one of those?
glad you had a great trip !
It’s a new photo pass picture you can take. They have a camera mounted above the plaza restaurant that will zoom out, then zoom in on you. It comes with a little video as well. Thanks for following along!


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Monday June 24.

I woke up around 8 in the morning and headed down to captain cooks to grab us some breakfast. A was awake and getting ready for the day when I returned. We shared some Tonga toast and headed over to the TTC to catch the monorail to Epcot.

The main entrance to Epcot is an absolute mess. I can’t wait for the work to be completed. I also really hope they fix the issue where you have to go through bag check twice if you arrive on the monorail!

We headed to the land pavilion first and took flight on Soarin before using a FP for living with the land. We were both still a bit peckish so we stopped by sunshine seasons to see what we could find.

I’d say we made a good responsible choice!

After our snack we went over to the seas pavilion to escape the sun. We spent a good 40 minutes checking out the manatees. Spaceship Earth was only a 5 minute wait so we decided to take another journey through time. We got stuck for about 10 minutes at the very top. It’s an excellent napping spot! When we exited spaceship earth, it was blazing hot! We decided to head to Mexico to look for Donald. We found a PP photographer all by himself on the way over.


I’ll miss the fountain of nations. I will not miss the tacky looking canopy things. I’m anxious to see what this will look like when they’re done.

After grand fiesta tour we had some nachos and margaritas at la cantina then headed over to China. We were able to catch a showing of reflections of China. This is still my favorite of the circle vision shows! We browsed the gift shop before heading back towards future world.

A noticed that Elsa and Anna had a short wait in Norway, and really wanted to meet them. I reluctantly agreed to go with her, mostly to escape the oppressive heat.

The face of a man whose wife wants to go meet princesses.


She really liked our shirts, and had to have a quick discussion on sandwiches.

Excellent job there photographer! :banghead:

I let Elsa know I wasn’t too happy about it being so crazy hot outside. She assured us that the citizens of Arendelle loved summer.

This photographer was much better!

After meeting the sisters we hopped into mouse gear to buy a few things for our family. Eventually we had a FP for test track open up.

We were finally able to ride! It had been a long time since we’d been on test track, we both enjoyed it!

After test track we headed back to the poly for a much needed afternoon nap!
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