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Twinkle Lights Returning to Hub in MK


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It's about time.

Disney is finally adding magic BACK to the Magic Kingdom instead of constantly removing it.
Twinkle lights

It truly is the small "things" that add to the magic of The Magic Kingdom.
This small improvement (restoration) will enhance the magical feel. :wave:


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Now THIS is cool. Not a huge improvement, but a wonderful little detail that i had actually noticed and really missed about the old days. I don't know when they took these out, but i loved them in the 90's and missed them on my return in 2010. Excellent job! I'm wondering when this will make its return. I imagine it won't take long or even require any sort of major construction, they could probably install them overnight even.

Good move, Disney! :)

Though if one bulb happens to burn out...beware the reckoning of Declining By Degrees and Rizzo threads to follow.
Well to be fair-

1- These would be more difficult to spot if they did burn out. Unless large quantities of them did, they're blinking in the dark and it wouldn't be easy to see like the ones on Main Street buildings and Grand Floridian (which ARE huge issues due to how ugly and noticeable it is).

2- Apparently these are LED's, so a much longer lifespan is expected. It'll probably be quite a long time before these go out. Properly working LED's can apparently last multiple decades.


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Twinkling lights would be a neat thing to install into some of the New Fantasyland trees for night time as well. Not sure if they'd ever do such a thing, but it certain looks magical enough to fit there.

I'm really surprised they even bothered to bring these back. I wonder what got into them that made them want to do it. It's not a huge thing, but little details really matter. And with the major refurb going on in Main Street, when all is said and done it should look great!

Lights of Winter would be another wonderful return. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they'll return as well.

By the way, i didn't catch a glimpse last time i went to WDW this year, but are those twinkling lights in that video at Epcot still there as well? The one used in the news source. That video was from 2007 so i dunno if they're still present.
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