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News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom


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Why does everyone seem to assume Tron's going to have a sponsor? What was the last new attraction at WDW with a sponsor (Though, to be fair, there haven't been many brand new attractions at WDW)? Tron is Disney, in Tomorrowland. I don't think there's gonna be any sponsors here.


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Apart from the bits they forgot.

I’ve said it elsewhere, if plans come to fruition the land will look more 1975 than 1994.

That makes me think/hope they might go with a look and feel similar to the aesthetic of Xandar from GotG or the Tomorrowland film. White metal and/or glass eco-friendly (looking) buildings with clean, sleek, smooth lines and curves accented by blues, grays, and silvers surrounded by energy-efficient landscaping.


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I can't wait to ride on Tron Coaster in the Magic Kingdom and I wanted to see the shops inside the exit of the ride including Fastpass Plus! in the entrance in the ride! :cool:


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Hey, I was born in 75. The last thing I want to see is avocado colored buildings and burnt orange **** carpet in the shops.
Why not?



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is that earth?
i don't see one single nose in a phone, but i do see a mention of 'telephones' on an arrow sign - was that in communicore? an exhibit of a television phone or something like skype?

in unrelated news...
got a year on these, by chance?

I was trying to figure out what year the pics were from. I love guessing, so i am going to! I think the one with all the people eating inside is most likely somewhere between '88-'91, or maybe even '92.

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