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News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom


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i hope Iger greenlights an electric overhaul of the speedway. walking over to the tron entrance will be a lot better experience without gas fumes filling your nose

He didn't do anything about in his previous tenure.

It's funny that this coaster is almost 50 years old and has not had any substantial re-tracking or improvements...It was de-furbished when they removed the home of future living to give us RYCA 1 Dream of a new world...which was basically creating maintenance free dioramas that were not nearly as engaging as what was originally there and completely left out the upper show scenes for the TTA. I still think this version of Space Mountain is the best of the iterations, and was so much more than a rollercoaster... Why can they not bring it back to it's full and complete glory...a bit of science fiction, a bit of futuristic forecasting, a bit of education about space. It was beautifully done and integrated and all with a catchy fun soundtrack that still sounds better than anything they have come up with since...

STOP. Check out what they did to it in Paris. Don't give them any ideas.


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Still waiting to see a pic of the locomotive stack just at the end of the tunnel to see how close it is.

Got to be pretty close. You can see in the picture how close the top of the passenger cars are. This picture give a good perspective on how much taller the smoke stack is.


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